National high school baseball in the summer decided to cancel for the first time after the war Corona Virus influence

Summer National High School Baseball Decided To Cancel After The War Corona Virus Impact May 20 19:10

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Takano Ren-Japan High School Baseball Federation and others decided to cancel the summer national high school baseball program scheduled at Koshien Stadium in July. This is the first time after the war that the tournament has been cancelled.

Takano ren and others decided to cancel the tournament by holding an online steering committee and the Board of Directors meeting on the afternoon of the 20th to discuss the holding of national high school baseball at Koshien Stadium from July 10.

Takanoren cited the difficulty of holding local competitions as a reason for the cancellation.

Specifically, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of infection, the suspension of school closures and club activities is long-term, so the training is not enough and players are expected to be injured, and the holding of local tournaments may be a hindrance to their studies as there is a movement to shorten the summer vacation.

In addition, the risk of infection is inevitable for koshien in summer, considering the movement of players and officials from all over the country over a long period of time and staying in groups.

On the other hand, the regional tournament as a preliminary round was also canceled.

In the future, we will decide whether to hold our own local tournaments in Koyasen in each prefecture.

Takano ren and others held a press conference in the afternoon to explain how it led to the cancellation.

This is the third time that a national high school baseball tournament has been canceled in the summer, and it is the first time since the war.

In addition, this is the first time that high school baseball has been canceled in a row in spring and summer following the Senbatu tournament.

President Watanabe “Heartfelt and Sorry”

In response to the decision to cancel the tournament, the Koyasen Japan High School Baseball Federation held a press conference just after noon.

At the outset, Masataka Watanabe, president of the Asahi Shimbun, who serves as the president of the tournament, said, “I am sorry for the abandonof the dreams of the baseball players all over the country. I am sorry that I was not able to live up to the expectations of the families, coaches, the people involved, and the high school baseball fans who have supported me. I’ve considered it to the last minute, but I want you to understand safety with the highest priority.”

President Takano Ren Hatta :A new first step with confidence and pride in mind

Eiji Hatta, chairman of Takano Ren, said, “It was a sad day to tell you about the agonizing decision. The cancellation of the event is not only for the baseball players, but also for those who love high school baseball. Especially for the third year of high school, there is no place for the culmination of working hard until dark, and it may be a heartbreaking feeling. However, the crown of the ball child who aimed at the koshien participation shines forever. Take a new step with the confidence and pride you have gained in your practice and matches. American protest songs include We overcome shall and “Win Us.” I believe that humanity will overcome the new coronavirus, and that you will overcome the fluctuations of your own mind and challenge you tomorrow.”

Specific reasons for the cancellation

The specific reasons for takano ren and others’s decision to cancel the tournament are as follows:

First of all, with regard to the local tournament leading to Koshien,
Approximately 3,800 schools will participate in the event in various parts of the country, and the risk of infection in local tournaments held using approximately 250 stadiums will not be completely eliminated from late June to early August.

It is expected that there will be an increase in the number of players who have been absent from school or suspended club activities for a long period of time and are not practicing enough.

Holding local competitions could be a hindrance to academic scholastic saday, as there is a movement to shorten the summer vacation to secure class time and increase the number of school days and school days.

It is expected that the officers and referees responsible for the operation cannot be secured enough, and medical staff who are dealing with treatment and infection prevention will not be able to be requested to be stationed at the stadium.

Limited use of public facilities may limit the number of stadiums that can be used.

In addition, the national tournament held at Koshien Stadium is held for more than two weeks, and the risk of infection and spread ing is inevitable considering the fact that players and officials from the national team travel from all over the country for a long time and stay in groups.

What is the background of the cancellation?

In the background of the cancellation of national high school baseball in the summer, takano ren and others decided to cancel the national high school baseball tournament in the summer, in addition to the risk of infection in the movement and accommodation of the players and officials, it was difficult to secure the schedule of the local tournament to decide the national team.

Local tournaments, which decide the national high school baseball school sit-ins in the summer, are held every year from June to July, but schools have been closed for a long time in various places, and many are unable to resume club activities.

Some Takanoren have delayed the opening of local tournaments, but the players still have a short practice period to regain their physical strength and regain their sense of combat, and takano ren officials have pointed out that there is a risk of injury and heat stroke.

Under these circumstances, it was difficult to decide on a national school by holding all the local tournaments for koshien in the summer, which begins on July 1.

As for koshien itself in the summer, even if the risk of spectator infection is eliminated by holding no spectators, players and officials from national schools from all over the country will travel by rail or bus across prefectures, and if it lasts for nearly three weeks, the risk of infection to athletes and others is inevitable.

As a result of taking into account these circumstances, we decided that it would be difficult to hold the tournament, and we decided to cancel the tournament.

Experts “Have no choice but to cancel”

Regarding the decision to cancel national high school baseball in the summer, sports critic Masayuki Tamaki said, “Even high school baseball is part of the education, so I think i decided whether it was possible as a club activity. Since the whole national high school is also canceled, we can’t just do high school baseball specifically, and we have no choice but to cancel it because there is something that has never happened before.”

He added, “In some areas, the declaration of a state of emergency has been lifted, so if we can hold it, we would like local competitions to be held. Only a few players participate in Koshien, so when you think about high school baseball, i want you to think about the whole high school student.”

The impact on the course of the third graders, some of them concerned.

The decision to cancel Koshien in the summer has raised concerns about the impact on career paths such as finding employment and going on to higher education.

In addition to the national high school baseball in the summer, Senbatsu High School Baseball in spring was canceled, and there was no chance that the third graders would leave a track record on the big stage of Koshien Stadium.

In koshien in spring and summer, there are many professional scouts behind the back net every year because of promising players who want to play professional baseball.

Looking ahead to the fall draft meeting, most scouts check the players’ movements until the tournament’s match-up.

Pitcher Teruhoshi Yoshida, who was runner-up as the ace of Akita and Kinfoot Agriculture, was highly regarded at Koshien in the summer.

Yoshida was originally scheduled to go on to college, but he was selected by Nippon Ham at the draft meeting of the year because of his participation in koshien in the summer.

Yakult’s Kyonobu Okukawa also participated in Koshien in the spring of his second year at Seiryo High School, and last summer led the team to the runner-up for the first time in 24 years as an ace.

He was highly regarded for his extensive experience on the big stage, and was nominated first by three teams in last year’s draft meeting.

Yakult’s Satoshi Kashibuchi Scout Group Desk said, “Some players grow up on a big stage called Koshien. It’s hard to tell how far we’ll be in the last summer of our third year, but we can’t see the process at the point where we’re concerned.”

In addition, in the university’s sports recommendation, participation in national tournaments such as Koshien in spring and summer is one of the selection criteria.

Of these, in addition to the achievements of the academic level, the Special Entrance Examination for Sports at Meiji University, which won last year’s All Japan University Baseball Championship, has established the best national championships and district championships as a standard for competitive performance.

Since the two tournaments in Koshien have been cancelled, Kotoshi says, “Based on the performance and ability of the competition so far, we would like to select students who meet the same standards.”

However, university baseball officials have said that since this spring, official matches have been canceled one after another, and it is more difficult to determine their ability than usual because there are fewer opportunities to watch the play of high school students.

The head coach of the university which belongs to Toto university baseball says, “Every year, the koshien in summer is checked as the final stage seeing the movement of the players in the practice game of the prefecture tournament of Senbatsu and spring, and the month. I’d like to watch the actual game and make a decision, but i might have to judge it only by the video.”

Twice canceled in the past

In the history of national high school baseball in the summer, which counts 101 times, the tournament has been canceled twice.

The first cancellation was in the Taisho period, and the postponement was announced the day before the opening ceremony, and it was canceled after this year because the rice riot occurred just before the opening of the year and the riot spread all over the country.

In the Showa era, some local tournaments had begun, but the situation was so tense that it was canceled.

After that, due to the Pacific War, there were no competitions for four years from Showa 17, but this period was suspended because Takanoren had not scheduled to hold the tournament.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan :”It’s all about bringing the epidemic to a close”

At an afternoon press conference, Mr. Kan said that the suspension of national high school baseball in the summer had been decided.The government will try to bring the current epidemic to a close, so that we can return to our daily lives as soon as possible, even though we are mindful of infection prevention.”

“Next year, I want to hear ‘The Crown Shines on you’.

Masahiro Furuseki, the son of the composer and Yuji Furuseki, who is now a model for nhk’s continuous television novel “Yale”, composed the tournament song “The Crown Shines on You”, about the cancellation of national high school baseball in the summer, responded to nhk’s telephone interview.

In this, “I have been told by my father that it is a song that sends a yell that puts on the dreams of young people. It is regrettable that there is a last ball child in this in the grade pupil, too. However, I think that it will never be lost what i have practiced for my dream. I want you to keep chasing your current baseball dream without giving up. Next year, i want to hear that the new coronavirus will be contained and “The Crown shines on you.”, he said.

High School Baseball Fans

I heard the reaction in Osaka Umeda about the cancellation of Koshien in the summer following spring.

A male college student in his 20s said, “I was surprised to learn that it was canceled. High school baseball students are worried that their life goals will be lost. After the corona convergence, i would like you to take care of them by inviting them to Koshien Stadium even if they can’t play.”

The 66-year-old said, “The inter-high has been cancelled, and i feel sorry for koshien alone, so i feel sorry for it. The spring senbatsu has also been canceled, and I don’t know what kind of voice to call, but please don’t let me down.”

A first-year baseball student who is a member of a high school baseball club in Osaka said, “I feel so sorry for the students who have been practicing hard since i was a student. Koshien is the goal of high school baseball players all over japan, and if it is canceled, motivation cannot be maintained, and i think that the desire for baseball disappears. At the very least, I want to believe that the Osaka tournament will not be canceled.”

A woman in her 20s said, “I was looking forward to koshien every year because i could get courage from the way the ball child worked hard. Speaking of summer, it’s Koshien, so i miss it a lot from high school baseball fans.”

Souvenir shops and shrines near Koshien Stadium

As for the decision to cancel national high school baseball in the summer, Takeshi Matsuda, who runs a souvenir shop right next to Koshien Stadium, said, “It’s a city where people who like high school baseball from all over the country gather, so it’s sad not to be able to meet customers, and sales are like a 100-percent drop, so I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Hidetoshi Hatanaka of The Temple of The Temple, where high school baseball players come to pray for a must-win, said, “I feel sorry for the ball children because they seem to be in the water with their hard work and effort. Senbatsu was also canceled, and it was the first time for me to be in Koshien, which has been quiet for a long time and i can’t hear so much cheer.”

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