New coronal infection risk reduces online medication guidance

Corona Virus Infection Risk Reduced Online Medication Guidance Spread May 20 at 18:35

In order to reduce the risk of contracting the new coronavirus, the first medical treatment since last month has been available online, and the use of drugs prescribed online without going to a pharmacy is being used.
In an effort to reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has eased regulations and allowed the use of “online care” using the telephone and the Internet from the first visit under certain conditions since last month.

At the same time, patients can now be asked to explain the drugs prescribed online without going to the pharmacy.

Pharmacies in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, are increasingly inquiring from patients about online medication guidance, and on the day when there is a large number of inquiries, online medication instruction is conducted in about one percent of the total.

On the 20th, a pharmacist listened to a woman in her 70s who had a disease such as high blood pressure over her computer screen, and explained how to take it to her family, who manages her medication.

The prescribed medication is delivered from the pharmacy to the patient’s home by mail.

The woman in the patient’s family who was briefed said, “I was instructed by my mother’s medication, but i was worried about taking her to a pharmacy because she had a disease. It’s very helpful to get the medicine online and get it home.”

Hisainko Shinohara, a pharmacist, said, “I think online medication guidance reduces the risk of infection and also has a significant benefit to patients who have no more waiting time at pharmacies. As a pharmacist, I think I have more time to face each patient because I can explain the medicine through the screen.”