Next year’s closing ceremony next year to be adjusted by transfer holiday

Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony next year August 9 to adjust on transfer holiday May 20 5:08

Because the LDP’s approval was not accepted as a public holiday on August 9, the day after the closing ceremony of next year’s Tokyo Olympics, the day before was a national holiday, so the government decided to make adjustments in the direction of making the day before a national holiday and the 9th as a holiday.
In order to ease transportation congestion at the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed to next year, the government will move public holidays to coincide with the opening ceremony and other venues.

However, at the Liberal Democratic Party’s political affairs council held on The 19th, the day after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games was made “Mountain Day”, and the opinion that “it is not acceptable to make the day when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a public holiday” was issued, and it was not approved.

In response to this, the government decided to adjust the Sunday of August 8, the day of the closing ceremony, as “Mountain Day”, and the 9th as a transfer holiday.

With the approval of the ruling party, the government would like to submit to the Current Diet an amendment to the Special Measures Act that incorporates such contents and to be enacted.