Osaka Castle Castle Tower resumes admission for the first time in about a month, and thorough lye measures to prevent corona infection

Osaka Castle Castle Tower Resumes Admission for the first time in about a month May 20, 12:08

The Osaka Castle Castle Tower, which was temporarily closed due to the new coronavirus, has been reopened for the first time in about a month, and visitors are visiting the area.

The Osaka Castle Castle Tower was temporarily closed from the end of February, but it was decided to reopen on The 20th after thorough measures to prevent infection.

On the morning of the opening, local residents visited one after another with the sound of drums informing them of the opening of the museum, and they checked their body temperature and filled in their names and telephone numbers in case of a mass infection.

In addition, tape was put on the floor to avoid dense lye at the observatory, and visitors enjoyed the scenery of Osaka while taking distance from each other.

A man in his 60s in Osaka who visited the castle tower said, “I was very happy because I was wondering when it would resume. I looked at the view from the observatory with a different feeling.”

Mr. O Kitagawa, director of the Osaka Castle Castle Tower, said, “I didn’t expect the museum to continue for a long time, so I finally thought. I would like many people to come to the museum, but i want them to be careful not to become close for the time being and get in touch with the history of Osaka.”