Professional Baseball Rakuten resumes team practice for the opening of next month

Professional Baseball Rakuten Resumes team practice for the opening of next month May 20 at 17:31

Professional baseball and Rakuten resumed team practice on The 20th, with the start of the season in the middle of next month, and coach Hajime Miki said, “The atmosphere will change when everyone wears uniforms and practices.”

The 12 professional baseball teams are in agreement with the shortest possible start of next month’s 19th.

Rakuten, which is based in Miyagi Prefecture, had been conducting voluntary training using the stadium facility from this month to coincide with the cancellation of the prefecture’s request for closure, but the team practice was resumed on July 1, divided into facilities of Rakuten Life Park Miyagi and The Military, which is based in the base.

In the practice at Rakuten Life Park Miyagi, as the leaders, including Coach Miki, watched with masks, pitchers, fielders, and all four-year-olds were in uniform for the first time in about two months, and they worked up a sweat for about four hours in catch, knocking, batting practice, etc.

For the time being, Coach Miki had a policy of giving priority to individual body building rather than combat practice, such as the Red and White Match, and in the practice session on the day, the main axis of the team, Eito Asamura, was energetically transferring the bat.

Coach Miki said, “I felt that the atmosphere would change when everyone practiced wearing uniforms. I think it’s difficult because i haven’t had any experience before, but I’d like to be flexible and try to be flexible.”