Restaurant Support Professional Wrestler Delivers Bento In Morioka Corona Virus

Restaurant Support Professional Wrestler Bento Delivery Morioka Corona Virus May 20 15:55

In an effort to support restaurants affected by the new Coronavirus, professional wrestlers mainly from Tohoku teamed up with restaurants in Morioka city to start delivering bento boxes.
The delivery was started at Michinogu Pro Wrestling in Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture.

In an attempt to support restaurants, the tournament was canceled one after another due to the new coronavirus, and the number of professional wrestlers who were playing an active part decided to play a role.

On The 20th, popular wrestler The Great Sasuke and Commissioner Life Niizaki held a press conference to introduce a new bento to suit this effort.

Sasuke said, “I’m happy to help you deliver a bento that is growing in need as a stay home is being shouted. I want to make you smile.”

After this, the wrestlers immediately delivered the lunch by bicycle.

The woman who received the lunch said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen a wrestler, but it’s cool and i’m energized. I would like to use it again.”

On the 20th, the wrestlers also sold their lunch boxes in the center of Morioka city.

The wrestler’s delivery is limited to Morioka city and is only available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon.

If the total amount is less than 5000 yen, delivery is done for 500 yen per case.