The conclusion on the day of the national high school baseball tournament in the summer also the view of the cancellation corona influence

National high school baseball tournament held in the summer 20th conclusion also canceled also corona impact May 20 4:08

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Koyasen Japan High School Baseball Federation and others will hold discussions on the holding of national high school baseball in the summer scheduled for July. Takano ren and others are considering the cancellation in light of the risk of infection and the impact of the school’s closure, and it is expected to draw conclusions on The 20th.
Kotoshi’s summer national high school baseball program is scheduled to open at Koshien Stadium on July 1, but with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Takano Ren and others will hold an online steering committee from noon to discuss the event.

A number of issues have been pointed out regarding the holding of koshien in the summer, such as the risk of infection because players and officials from all over the country move across prefectures, and the risk of infection due to prolonged school closures, and the possibility that summer vacations may not be able to secure the schedule of the tournament.

In light of this situation, Takano ren and others are considering the suspension with a view to discontinuing, and it is expected that they will draw conclusions on The 20th.

It is the first time in the postwar period that it was canceled in the history of Koshien in summer which counts the times up to now in taisho era and the Showa era, and if it becomes a cancellation this time.