The hiroshima corona influence also farm practice which begins voluntarily going to school in the public school of the school which is closed.

The farm practice which begins voluntarily in the public school of the school closed may 20, 14:24

Public schools in Hiroshima prefecture, which are closed due to the new coronavirus, began going to school on their own this week in an effort to secure even a little learning time.
At The Prefectural Saijo Agricultural High School in Higashi-Hiroshima City, a new coronavirus has been temporarily closed since last month, but this week, the company began going to school on its own.

It was the day of school for the first year of the school year, and in the livestock department, the students participated in the practice on the farm for the first time in about a day.

The students were divided into groups to measure the weight of dairy cows and pigs, and recorded them on the scales, taking the cows out of the barn and surrounding them with boards to prevent pigs from running away.

The weight of livestock was measured once a month, and teachers measured it last month when the school was closed.

The students said, “I was worried that my livestock were not feeling well, so I’m glad to see that they are healthy for the first time in a long time.”

Takeshi Morita, chief of the Prefectural Saijo Agricultural High School’ In the Department of Livestock, said, “When I saw the students, I felt that they wanted to see livestock. I want to catch up in a limited amount of time.”

Prefectural schools in Hiroshima prefecture are expected to reopen next month, but after the resumption, “distributed school attendance” is being considered to separate the dates for each school year and classes to prevent infection.