The reaction of the high school officials canceled the national high school baseball in the summer

National high school baseball canceled in the summer, the reaction of high school officials may 20 20:42

It is a reaction of the person concerned of the high school baseball about the cancellation of the national high school baseball in the summer.

Tomoben Wakayama Takashima moto coach “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it”

Hitoshi Takashima, a former coach at Chiben Wakayama High School who won the most spring-summer victories in koshien, said, “I’m sorry that I wanted to do something about it in the summer, but I think it’s only possible to think about the current situation.”

As for holding the local tournament, he said, “The motivation of the players may decrease, but I would like them to do so in order to make it a final match and end.”

And for the third graders, “It may be difficult to change their mind, but I want them to take advantage of the strong feelings they have cultivated through the hard practice that they have cultivated in the past, to the next step, such as university, working people, and professionals.”

“I can’t find the words to put”

Mototomo Watanabe, a former coach at Yokohama High School and who has won the championship in Koshien in the spring and summer, said, “I was shocked that Senbatu was canceled and I wanted him to do it in the summer. Koshien is a special place that makes it bigger and bigger than two times. I can’t find the words to put on high school baseball players who have been aiming for Koshien.”

And, it looked back on having Daisuke Matsuzaka who played in the professional baseball and Seibu in Heisei year, and having achieved the spring-summer consecutive victory in Koshien, “Everyone was able to fight together by the word ‘One for all’ of Matsuzaka though it was a team with a strong individuality. I felt the size of the bowl in Koshien again.”

And to the high school baseball player, “I don’t want to lose the character of “Baseball” though it is thought that koshien which has been aimed at life is lost, and it is not possible to stand up for a while. I want them to recover while worrying with their colleagues.”

Sendai Ikuhide Captain “Firmly looking forward and moving on”

Sendai Ikuei High School in Miyagi, who was runner-up in the national high school baseball tournament in the summer and was runner-up in the Heisei Year and Heisei 27, also decided to participate in The Senbatu in the spring, responded to an online interview.

Coach Sueko said, “I am disappointed and sad to think about the players when they have run out of space to announce their efforts this time. However, I can’t stop here, and I want to prove in the days to come that what I’ve been trying to do is not toll.”

Captain Shoto Tanaka said, “Koshien is a stage of my longing and i wanted to play baseball there, but as a team we had been talking about the possibility of a cancellation, so We have a feeling that we should move forward and move on.”

Pitcher Yutaro Musaka, who was scheduled to wear the back number in the spring, said, “I’m frankly sad, but I was prepared to accept whatever decision soured. I want to end the summer by playing a role in taking over the goodness of our school year in the lower grades.”

“It’s sad to think that i can’t play baseball with everyone”

Takahiro Koneedle, head coach of Sakushin Gakuin in Utsunomiya City, who won the national championship in Heisei 28 and played for the ninth consecutive year until last year, said, “I regret that there is no tournament because high school baseball players have been targeting this tournament. I want to tell my students what it means to play baseball.”

In response to an online interview with the captain, Ren Suzuki, who is in the third grade, said, “I still don’t know how it was canceled. It’s sad to think that i can’t play baseball with everyone anymore. The goal of going to Koshien is gone, but I would like to use the human skills i have cultivated at Sakushin Gakuin in the future.”

Yoko Hiroki, a freshman and fielder, said, “I wanted to go to Koshien with my teammates who had been with me for more than a year in the summer of my third year. I can only say that i am sorry now, but I would like to take a positive view of the aim of Koshien and connect it to the future.”

Director Seiryo “I don’t even see the words i’m going to put right now”

Kazunari Hayashi of Ishikawa Seiryo High School, who was runner-up at Koshien last summer, responded to reporters’ interviews after 5 p.m. on 20.

Hayashi said, “When I heard the official announcement, I thought it was a shame, but I thought it was better than life. I think it was an agonizing decision to cancel the event, so I’m grateful for the point that you thought about until the end. Last year, i missed the top one by one step, so the third grader sought to get the top. I don’t see any words to put on it right now.”

He then said, “I want to get the players somewhere to break up and send them to the next stage.”

Director Aiko Daimyoden “I want to put words that can overcome the cancellation”

Mitsuo Kurano, director of Aichi’s Aiko Daimainden High School, which has participated in Koshien in the summer, said, “I think there is still a possibility even if we hear the decision to cancel, but i had the desire to do some however, but considering the health and safety of many people, it is inevitable.”

He added, “It’s not easy to say to the players who have overcome the difficulties of training for Koshien since they started playing baseball, not just during their three years of high school, but i want to say something that will help them overcome this suspension.”

On the other hand, the Aichi High School Baseball Federation is aiming to hold its own Aichi Prefecture tournament, saying, “We, the site, can cooperate and manage it. Not only that, but I want to create an environment where third graders can work hard at the next stage.”

Gifu Shosho Director “The Tournament of The Prefecture in Stead”

The director of Gifu Commercial, Mr. Takumi, held a press conference at the high school on Sunday evening.

After coach Shinji said that there was no other way to cancel, he gave words to the players, saying, “The club members are doing their own training at home and in the vicinity during the period of self-imposed control, and it is a baseball club that can be proud of even in the whole country.”.

He said, “Koshien is the only alternative to Koshien, but I want the prefecture to do a tournament that will replace it for the first year of the year.”

After this, Coach Kaji spoke directly to each of the third-year players and managers in the video conferencing system.

In response, the players responded, “I want to do my best to clear up this frustration on the next stage” and “I don’t want my juniors to feel the same way.”

Coach Kajiki said, “The feeling of thinking about juniors will come to life for the rest of my life.”

Director Daihei Ryukoku :”I want to tell you that I am satisfied with the current situation, that I am convinced, that I will give up”

Hidehiko Harada, head coach of Ryukoku Daiheian High School in Kyoto, which has the most appearances in spring and summer in Japan, said, “In a nutshell, it’s a shame. High school baseball has a big role to play, such as capturing people’s hearts and impressing people, and the cancellation of the summer championships is a very heavy decision. What I want to convey to the third graders is to acknowledge the current situation, be convinced, and give up. If you don’t give up, you can’t set your next goal, you can’t move forward. It may be a tough word, but they have to understand that there are more people who are struggling than us. I’d like to actually see the faces of the players and talk about them the next time we get together.”

Director “Must accept”

“I’m filled with regret because I’m looking at the efforts of the players who have worked hard to achieve koshien in the summer,” said Tatsuo Okada, the coach of Osaka’s Goshosha High School, who was aiming to win back-to-back championships at last year’s championship. I wanted to make sure that Senbatsu was canceled and i was doing my best to say ‘There’s summer,'” he said.

On the other hand, he expressed his understanding that the decision to cancel was “a conclusion that came out of the point of having to protect the safety of students and stakeholders, so of course we must accept it.”

And, about holding a local tournament in Osaka Prefecture, “I want to enter kotoshi and not be able to practice game, so I want to let the game be at least a game. Osaka has a large number of schools, and i think there are some difficult areas such as safety measures and scheduling, so I would like the Osaka Prefecture Koyasen to make a decision.”

Hiroshima Shosho Director “I feel a lack of strength as an adult”

Hiroshima Commercial Coach Tadakatsu Aratani, who has won the championship in the past, said, “It is the best stage for the ball child, and it is able to endure a hard practice because it is aimed at Koshien. Even if i shed sweat and tears, I can’t even compete in the tournament, and I feel a lack of strength as an adult.”

Hiroshima Commercial was aiming to participate in the tournament for the second year in a row following last year, but “i have been talking to the players to do what they can one day with the hope that the tournament will be held. It’s a shame that we’ve had this summer and it’s going to be like this.”

As for the future, he said, “I want to talk to the players so that they can live this as a source of food in their lives. I’d like to think about my future activities so that I can be motivated because i have a career path.”

Director Meitoku Yoshijuku “I can’t say it in a word, but it’s a shame”

Last year, as kochi representative, Meitoku Gijuku High School was led to the national high school baseball in the summer, and coach Shiro Mabuchi, who did not make the appearance in the cancellation of the tournament in the spring, expressed regret, saying, “It is not regrettable though it cannot be said in a word”.

In response to the decision to cancel national high school baseball in the summer, coach Shiro Mabuchi interrupted the practice and gathered the players on the baseball club of Meitoku Gijuku High School. In front of the players, he said, “The tournament has been canceled. The third grader left his parents and had his own power last summer.I’m sorry that we’ve lost the tournament. Just because the tournament is gone, you can’t be desperate or lose your goal. I want them to set new goals and work hard.”

After this, Coach Mabuchi, who responded to reporters’ coverage, said, “I have too many thoughts, but I can’t say it in a single word, but I’m sorry. If the situation of the spread of the infection is calm and the schedule of the class etc. are matched, I would like to think about holding a game that would be the last break for children.”

Furthermore, as the coach of the Japan national team under the age of 18, he said, “I think i have a hard time losing the tournament, but I want you to make use of this experience somewhere. It is a plus in life to be here. Koshien is not everything, so I want them to work hard toward their new goals.”

Captain Daiteru Suzuki said, “I wanted to do it if I could, because i wanted to go to Koshien again. I’ve been able to get good things in this high school, so i’ve been happy for the last three years.”

Captain Sagakita “I have a strong feeling that I wanted to do it”

Thirteen years ago, saga kita high school in Saga City, which won the national championship with a rapid advance called “Gabai Whirlwind”, was closed and practice resumed last week.

Captain Kosuke Kubo said, “Since we became a new team, we have a strong desire to do it because we have been targeting Koshien in the summer. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we’ll talk about how we’re going to go in one direction.”

Coach Shoji Motomura said, “When I think about the players, I don’t see any words to say, but now I think i have to stay close to them.”

The Saga Prefectural High School Baseball Federation says it will hold its own regional tournaments in the future, and will hold a meeting later this month to discuss it.