Attorney General Kurokawa submits his resignation, and the Minister of Justice accepts his resignation tomorrow.

Attorney General Kurokawa Submits His Resignation May 21 to Resign Tomorrow 19:29

In the case of The Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office’s Chief Prosecutor Hiroyuki Kurokawa, who was gambling with a declaration of a state of emergency, Justice Minister Mori revealed that he had accepted the resignation of Attorney General Kurokawa. Mr. Kurokawa’s resignation is expected to be formally recognized at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Mr. Mori met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Prime Minister’s Residence on The Evening of The 21st over the issue of gambling marjan while The Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office’s Attorney General, Hiroyuki Kurokawa, declared a state of emergency.

After this, Mr. Mori told reporters, “Mr. Kurokawa, in his position as the chief prosecutor of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor’s Office, met with three news organizationofficials in one of the apartments this month and 13 days under the declaration of an emergency, and found that he had been gambling money with Mr. Abe,” the Ministry of Justice’s findings revealed.

On that basis, “This act was truly inappropriate, and it was extremely regrettable, and it was made to the disposition of the warning of The Chief Prosecutor Kurokawa. I just submitted my resignation letter from Attorney General Kurokawa, so I will have my approval at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow.”

And, Minister Mori made it clear to the report that Prime Minister Abe had said that he “understood”.

He also said that “It was me who asked the Cabinet to decide on the extension of the retirement age of Attorney General Kurokawa, and I am acutely aware of my responsibility,” but he said, “I am aware that we have gone through the appropriate process.”

In addition, Mr. Mori said that he would “make a prompt decision” on the successor to Mr. Kurokawa, and made it clear that The Inada’s departure was not a topic of conversation during his meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Ministry of Justice Kurokawa’s Bet Mahjong Confirmation

The Ministry of Justice revealed that Mr. Kurokawa had confirmed that he had gambled in the declaration of a state of emergency.

Hiroyuki Kurokawa, director of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed his intention to resign after he visited a newspaper reporter’s home apartment in Tokyo on the night of this month and the night of the day when he was asked to refrain from going out in a state of emergency.

At a meeting of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives and The House of Representatives, the Ministry of Justice revealed that the investigation confirmed that Mr. Kurokawa had waged a bet on the day and the day of the meeting, and that he had ridden the hire without incurring any costs. In response, the opposition party indicated that it would take it home and consider a response.

What is The Kurokawa Prosecutor’s Background?

Hiroyuki Kurokawa, director of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, is a 63-year-old from Tokyo.

He was appointed prosecutor in Showa 58, and from the heisei era, he was in charge of investigating the four major securities cases involving the provision of benefits to general meeting sands at the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office.

After moving to the Ministry of Justice, he held important positions such as the General Affairs Section chief of the Criminal Bureau and the Secretary Section Chief, and was evaluated for his ability to coordinate and wide connections regardless of the ruling and opposition parties, and many excellent human resources were called “35 periods of flowers”, and he was a leading candidate for the future attorney general, along with Mr. Makoto Hayashi, director of the Nagoya High Prosecutor’s Office.

When the evidence tampering case of the Osaka District Attorney’s Office was discovered in Heisei, it was recalled to the Ministry as “special charge” just a month after it was transferred to the prosecutor’s office of the Matsuyama District Public Prosecutor’s Office, and it served as the secretariat at the expert meeting to discuss the prosecution reform.

The proposals at the meeting led to the introduction of new investigative methods, such as recording and recording interrogations and plea bargains.

From the Heisei Year, he served as chief cabinet secretary and deputy secretary of the Ministry of Justice for more than a year, demonstrating his skills in negotiations with the Government Office and measures for the Diet, and was instrumental in the enactment of the revised Immigration Control Act, which renewed the requirements for the establishment of “terrorism and other crimes” and the acceptance of foreign materials.

In an interview with The Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office in January last year, he expressed his desire to “be strongly aware of the responsibility of being given serious authority to the prosecution and to respond to the public’s commitment.”

As for Mr. Kurokawa, while his track record as a legal bureaucrat is highly evaluated, there is also a point that the distance to the political world is close, and when the government changed the interpretation of the law in January and the retirement age was extended for the first time in history, prosecutors said, “Is it a measure to make the next attorney general at the intention of the government office?”

Sankei Shimbun “Strict lysis”

It is a person of the employee who was a journalist of the Sankei Shimbun and the journalist of the Asahi Shimbun that The Kurokawa prosecutor was gambling.

The Sankei Shimbun Public Relations Department released a new comment on The Night of The 21st.

“I found that a social reporter working at the Tokyo head office had been betting multiple times for several years with the interviewees. I am deeply sorry that gambling is not permissible, nor is it a very inappropriate act in the midst of a state of emergency declaration. We will deal with it strictly.”