Birth of a baby of “Sunaneko” In The Zoo in Japan, Nasu Town, Tochigi

Birth of a baby of “Sunaneko” At the Zoo in Japan, Nasu-cho, Tochigi May 21, 2:31

The first baby was born at a zoo in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, where a rare cat that lives in the desert area of Africa.
In Nasu-cho’s “Nasu Animal Kingdom”, a female baby was born last month during the pair, including the first suncat breeding at a domestic zoo since last October.

Sunaneko is the world’s smallest-class cat that lives in desert areas such as Africa, and it is the first time a baby has been born in a domestic zoo.

The baby was in a debilitating state immediately after birth, so he switched to artificial childcare and continued to take care of the keepers by giving him milk, and as of this month, the length of the body grew from 1cm to 1cm when he was born, and his weight grew to more than twice as much as when he was born.

The zoo, which is temporarily closed, is scheduled to reopen on The 23rd, and the baby will be released to the public on the zoo’s official channel from the beginning of next month.

Tomoki Arakawa, a zookeeper, said, “I was happy because it was my first birth in Japan. It’s hard to prevent infectious diseases, but I hope they will grow up as they are.”