CDC releases detailed guidelines for reopening businesses and schools

U.S. CDC Announces Detailed Guidelines for Reopening Businesses and Schools May 21 at 9:54 AM

As the u.S. movement toward the resumption of economic activity continues, the CDC=The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released detailed guidelines for companies and schools to resume activities.
On March 19, the CDC posted detailed guidelines for the resumption of economic activity on its official website.

The guidelines are detailed on 60 pages, dividing the resumption phase into three, and state governments and others should make decisions on six indicators, such as a reduction in the number of people infected.

On top of that, schools, businesses, public transport, and others are asked to prepare plans for a resumption at each stage.

For example, for restaurants and bars, the bar will continue to be closed in the first stage, the restaurant will be closed for delivery and takeaway business, and in the second stage the restaurant and bar will be able to eat and drink in the store, but the number of people who can enter the restaurant should be limited.

And, it is said that it is possible to increase the capacity to the extent that the space between the customer and the guest can be secured in the first stage.

While the guidelines detail the necessary preparations for individual businesses and schools to resume activities while preventing the spread of the infection, the U.S. has already begun to resume economic activity in some form in 50 states across the United States, and the media has criticized the CDC’s delay in response.