Corona Virus and DX Forecast Increased DevOps Demand — IDC

IDC Japan has announced its domestic DevOps software market size performance for 2019 and its market size forecast for 2024. In 2019, the average annual growth rate for 2019-2024 was 20.7% and the average annual growth rate for 2019-2024 was expected to be 69.352 million yen, up 24.8% year-on-year.

The company explained that the company recognizes the importance of DevOps in digital transformation. Explainthat many applications are needed to realize DX, and the development and deployment frequency is greater than ever, and DevOps practices are building the life cycle of ci/CD continuous integration and delivery, and are promoting the introduction and use of DevOps software for optimization and automation.

DevOps software is particularly high in version ing, CI/CD, test automation, and application performance management, and cloud service use will expand. Companies will be forced to develop and operate at home with the new coronavirus, and the company will be forced to increase the demand for cloud services for DevOps, which is easy to develop and operate remotely.

Mitsuhiro Iritani, Group Manager of Software Security, advises, “Considering the devops process, the environment to practice, and the application usage, it is important to implement the best packaged software and cloud service options for your company.”

Domestic DevOps Software Market Forecast, 2019-2024 Source: IDC Japan