Corona Virus design like Tokyo Olympics emblem to be withdrawn

Corona Virus design, such as tokyo olympics emblem, to be withdrawn May 21 16:29

The Japan Foreign Correspondents’ Association published a design on the cover of the bulletin magazine that expressed the new coronavirus as an emblem of the Tokyo Olympics decorated with checkered patterns, and the Foreign Correspondents’ Association withdrew the design at the request of the Organizing Committee of the Games.
This design combines the shape of “T” around the checkered pattern decorated with the emblem of the Tokyo Olympics to express the new coronavirus.

On the cover of the April issue of the Japan Foreign Correspondents’ Association, it is labeled “COVID-19”, which shows infectious diseases along with this design.

The Organizing Committee of the Convention called for the removal, saying that it was regrettable that the design associated with the emblem had been published in the midst of a great deal of damage worldwide, and that it violated copyright rights under copyright law.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Association held an internet conference on Wednesday, and President Kardon Azhari said that “this issue is not about freedom of expression, but about copyright, which is japanese law, and the association’s board of directors has consulted several legal experts and clearly advised us that our position is not advantageous” and said that the design would be withdrawn because of the risk of copyright infringement.

On that basis, President Azhari said, “I regret that this issue has made people in various fields uncomfortable.”

In the interview, foreign media reporters repeatedlyrical lyrical lye that freedom of the press was threatened, but President Azhari repeatedly stressed that the decision was not a matter of freedom of the press and freedom of expression, but a matter of copyright.

Organizing Committee “Appropriate Decisions”

In response to an online press interview, Mr. Muto, the general secretary of the organizing committee, revealed that he had received a fax from the Japan Foreign Correspondents’ Association to withdraw the design and to apologize to the organization committee officials.

Mr. Muto said, “I believe that we have made the appropriate decisions.”