Corona Virus resumption of sales from soccer lottery “toto”

Corona Virus 21 May 23:08

Sales of soccer lotteries, such as the “toto”, which had been suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, will resume on 23 January following the resumption of the German league. The governing body says that it wants to secure financial resources for the promotion of sports.
The soccer lottery “Yeon-yeon”, which is run by the Japan Sports Promotion Center, was unable to sell because of the suspension of matches such as the J.League and the German League due to the new coronavirus.

Under these situations, the German league resumed in the middle of this month, and the company announced that it would resume sales of soccer lotteries from July 1.

A portion of the proceeds from the soccer lottery, excluding refunds and expenses, are used to subsidize sports promotion, and last year, about 15 billion yen of sales of more than 93.8 billion yen were allocated to the development of local sports facilities and support for international competitions.

“In order to regain the daily life where sports can be enjoyed freely, we will resume sales with the hope that we must secure financial resources for the promotion of sports. We will work to make it understandable as one of the options that support sports.”