Cram school switched to online class, also completely transition by school year

Cram school switched to online class, full transition by school year May 21 19:10

With the declaration of an emergency, the Yokohama City Cram School, which switched to online classes, decided to move to online classes in full depending on the school year, saying that they could respond even if there were waves or second waves.

Ilum Motomachi School, a cram school for elementary and junior high school students in Yokohama, has been taking classes in the classroom since July and introducing online classes.

In the math class of the elementary school students held on the day of the event, the instructor taught them how to solve the three-digit subtraction while using different colors using a tablet device.

The child’s mother said, “Online classes are helpful because you’re going from a little farther in Yokohama and you risk getting on the train.”

In addition to making it easier for each student to deal with online classes, the cram school has many advantages, such as eliminating the anxiety of going home late, and decided to move to online classes for junior high school students even after the emergency declaration was lifted.

Masahiro Kai, a representative and lecturer at The Irum Motomachi School, said, “Just because the response to the new coronavirus is over, it’s a waste to undo what we’ve been doing before. We want to explore new education in our own way.”

Teacher resumes classes wearing face shield

At the individually supervised cram school in The Metropolitan Area, the students resumed classes after taking various measures, such as wearing face shields, at the request of children and parents who were about to take the exam.

“TOMAS”, a tutoring cram school developed by “Riso Education”, a leading cram school, has been suspended from classes since April 8, following the declaration of an emergency.

However, since many requests were received from students, students and parents who were about to take the exam, a transparent curtain was installed between the instructor and the student, and the instructor took measures to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask and a face shield covering his face, and resumed classes on April 22, limited to those who wished.

On the 21st, a third-year high school student who was about to take the university entrance exam wore a mask and took math classes.

The male student said, “I’m worried about studying alone at home, i can’t ask questions, i can’t get motivated. It’s great to be able to take classes to help you cope with the infection.”

The cram school has developed 86 schools in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures, and has coached about 12,000 students, and according to the cram school, the total number of students who wish to take the course was about four percent, but now it has risen to nearly half.

For this reason, the emergency declaration was not lifted in The City of Yeon-yeon, but the cram school will continue to teach.

Shigeki Hirano, president of Riso Education, said, “There were pros and cons, but parents thanked me for resuming classes. I want to keep up with the infection prevention and back it up for the exam.”