Cyclone hits eastern India, fears of new coronal infection spread

Cyclone hits eastern India, fears of spread of Corona Virus linfection May 21 at 10:09

A very strong cyclone made landfall in eastern India on the night of The 20th, and in addition to the damage caused by storms and storm surges, there is growing concern that the infection will spread in shelters amid widespread transmission of the new coronavirus.
According to Indian meteorological officials, Cyclone Ampan temporarily developed into the strongest “supercyclone”, then moved north in the Bay of Bengal, weakening somewhat, and made landfall in western Bengal province in eastern India on Sunday night.

With maximum instantaneous wind speeds reaching around 50 meters near the center of the cyclone, meteorological officials have warned of the potential for damage comparable to the cyclone that killed about 10,000 people in eastern India in 1999.

India is infected with the new coronavirus, with nearly 4,000 infected people in two eastern states, and more than 25,000 people in Bangladesh, which is on the path of the cyclone.

In the wake of the cyclone, india and Bangladesh have been calling for the evacuation of nearly three million people, but there are growing concerns that the infection will spread as residents are concentrated in shelters.

Local authorities are taking measures such as limiting the capacity of shelters by half and thoroughly disinfecting alcohol, but there is a risk that residents who are unable to enter shelters are being forced to take difficult measures.