Declaration of Emergency Official decision to cancel Kansai and continue to the Tokyo metropolitan area and Hokkaido

Declaration of Emergency Kansai and Tokyo Metropolitan Area/Hokkaido Continue december 21 at 21:59

Regarding the declaration of an emergency, the government officially decided to hold a countermeasure headquarters on The Night of The 21st and cancel it in Osaka and other Kansai prefectures, while tokyo and other metropolitan areas and Hokkaido would continue. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated that the region that will continue the declaration will hear the opinions of experts on the 25th of this month, and acknowledged that it is possible to lift the program if the number of infected people continues to decline.
The government officially decided to hold the measures headquarters at the Prime Minister’s Office just after noon, to declare a state of emergency, to lift the Kansai Prefecture slated for Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo, while Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Hokkaido will continue.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also asked experts to evaluate the situation of infection and the health care system as “improvements” in the region that would continue to declare a state of emergency, and acknowledged that it was possible to lift the situation if the number of infected people continued to decline.

However, he said that “risks still remain”, and he continued to ask that the company refrain from self-imposed control of going out and moving across prefectures.

He also called for the gradual resumption of socio-economic activity in the areas that have been lifted, based on “new lifestyles” such as avoiding “three dense” and guidelines for preventing infections developed in each industry.

Economy And Revitalization Minister Nishimura: “A big wave will never happen again”

Mr. Nishimura, Minister for Economic Revitalization, said at a press conference, “We will be bringing a big wave to the end of this month. After that, even if a small wave occurs, as the infection is detected and contained, i want to take measures firmly with the determination that a big wave will never happen again. And we will raise the level of economic and social activity.”

He added, “We want to establish a new lifestyle and smart life, and further promote various online procedures, transactions, telework and remote responses. I would like to use the experience i have gained during this period to support regulatory reform and digitization, to promote social change at once, and to achieve high-quality growth and an inclusive society that no one leaves behind.”

Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Otome: “The future will be a significant contrast to Kanagawa”

Shigeru Othis, chairman of the Advisory Committee, which held a press conference with Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura, said of the situation in The City of Tokyo, where the declaration continued, “Tokyo is clearly a good trend, but I have the impression that Kanagawa is a little slower to converge. Until now, tokyo has been the main decision to release the declaration, but in the future, the specific gravity of Kanagawa will increase.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also said that he would like to make recommendations on the basis of the standards of the lifting that have been shown so far, as an expert, because he cannot take any consistency and cannot explain socially, as an expert, referring to the idea of deciding on the cancellation by listening to the opinions of experts on the 25th of next week.

Experts :”Lifting areas should be vigilant”

Professor Atshiro Hamada of Tokyo Medical University, who is well versed in infectious diseases, said, “The number of new infected people in the Kansai region is fairly calm and is considered a reasonable decision, regarding the government’s lifting of emergency declarations in Kansai Prefecture. On the other hand, the three prefectures in the Kanto region did not meet the standards for lifting in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, and considering the movement of people in the region and the medical system, it is reasonable, but it is another breath, so if the number of infected people decreases further, it will be possible to cancel it.”

As for Hokkaido, he said, “We may have been distracted by the government’s two declarations of state of emergency. The common cold coronavirus is considered to be more prevalent in low temperature environments, so the climate may also be affected.”

Regarding the outlook for the country in the future, he said, “The new coronavirus may continue to be prevalent many times after this, and even in areas where emergency declarations have been lifted, we may be able to re-establish the epidemic if we do not live consciously. The release of the declaration does not mean that the epidemic is completely over, and I want you to live without being alert with the awareness that the epidemic is once calm.”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan :”Thorough measures to prevent infection even in lifted areas”

At a press conference in the afternoon, Kan said, “Even in areas where the declaration of an emergency has been lifted, basic measures to prevent infection must be thoroughly implemented and the status of infection scan be monitored continuously. With the cooperation of the people of The People, we will continue to work quickly to establish a new way of life, such as avoiding the “three dense” and to enhance the inspection and treatment system.”

He added, “Guidelines for food eating out, hotels, and other industries have been announced, and we have established a framework for conducting business while working to prevent infection. In the future, we need to gradually raise the level of socio-economic activity and restore our daily lives while listening to the opinions of experts.”

Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Kishida: “We must not ease tensions”

Mr. Kishida, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, told reporters, “It was good that the release of the declaration was a decision after listening to the opinions of experts, and the rest of the region shown a concrete date and conveyed the outlook to the public. However, the tension should never be loosened. I want to make an effort to gradually return to peacetime life and the economy, as i live while preparing for the spread of infection based on my new way of life.”

Representative Edano Tatemin :”We should ensure sufficient financial support”

Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party told reporters, “I think it is reasonable, and I think it is welcome for those who are economically distressed. On the other hand, the situation that should not lead to the second wave and the third wave has not changed, and we should ensure that the second supplementary budget, such as financial support to medical institutions, should be sufficiently secured.”

Representative Tamaki “Measures of 100 trillion yen scale”

Tamaki, the head of the National Democratic Party, told reporters, “Based on the opinions of experts, quantitative decisions are made, and it is reasonable. However, it is necessary to prepare the system such as the inspection, the tracking of the infected person, and the medical treatment provided to it on the assumption that the second wave and the second wave occur. The government is also looking at the economic downturn. We should take large, simple, and speedy measures, and we would like to seek measures of 100 trillion yen in fiscal spending of “Shinsui”.

Komei: Secretary-General Saito :Making an effort to establish a new way of life”

Mr. Saito, secretary-general of the Komeito Party, told reporters, “It has been lifted in part, but we must continue to pay attention to the spread of the infection and continue to work hard to lift our attention toward the lifting of Hokkaido and the tokyo metropolitan area. I would like to continue to work with the people to establish a new way of life.”

Mr. Baba, Secretary-General of the Restoration, “The System for Maintenance and Securing Medical Materials”

At a press conference, Mr. Baba, secretary general of the Japan Restoration Association, said, “The lights have come into view at the exit of the tunnel, but we should establish a system for the development of the intensive care unit and the securing of medical materials so that we can respond immediately in preparation for the first wave of the new coronavirus.”

Communist Party Chairperson :”Strengthening the System in Preparation for the Next Epidemic”

At a press conference, the communist party’s chairman said, “The decrease in the number of infected people is the result of the efforts of the people, but this is not the end of the fight. It is important to strengthen the system of inspection and medical care in preparation for the next epidemic. In addition, people’s lives are difficult, and it is also important to take drastic compensation measures to minimize bankruptcy and going out of business.”

Reshin Yamamoto Representative “Questions question whether there is legitimacy to release”

Yamamoto, the president of the new selection group, told reporters, “There is no rational explanation as to whether the factor swelled by the decrease in the number of infected people is due to self-imposed control, and it is questionable whether there is a validity for the cancellation. The government should increase the number of PCR tests and respond to the idea that when the second wave comes, it will not be able to get through with the same hands.”