Former President Gone fugitive sentenced American to arrest him on charges.

The move to escape former President Gone is the arrest of an American, who was arrested may 21 at 19:26.

A court document revealed that one of two Americans arrested for helping to escape to Lebanon in the Middle East by former nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn had repeatedly visited Japan between five months before his escape and had been in contact with former President Ghosn at least seven times.
U.S. investigators arrested American Michael Taylor, 59, and his son, Peter Taylor, 20, in eastern Massachusetts at the request of the Japanese side, at the request of the Japanese side.

The two men are suspected of helping former President Carlos Ghosn, who was on bail last December, escape to Lebanon using a private jet from Japan.

Japan and the United States have signed a treaty on the extradition of suspects, and on March 20, a Massachusetts court filed a judicial process to determine whether the two men should be extradited to Japan, and prior to this, they released a document detailing the charges.

According to it, the son of the man is that the son of the person, Peter Taylor, has visited Japan at least twice since last july, when former Chairman Ghosn fled, and has met the former president at least twice.

He was also scheduled to leave the United States on the day of his arrest and head to Lebanon.

If the court decides that it is possible to hand over the two men to Japan, the State Department is expected to finally decide whether or not to hand over.

Suspect, the two parents’ gait is

According to the documents released, the son of the man, Peter Taylor, is believed to have visited Japan at least twice and met the former president at least twice since the beginning of last year, when former President Ghosn fled.

On December 28, the day before the former president escaped, he visited Japan again and met the former president for about an hour at a hotel in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, his father, Michael Taylor, is believed to have arrived at Kansai Airport on a private jet from Dubai, Uae, with another suspect who has not yet been arrested just after 10am on December 29.

Security cameras capturing the scene show michael taylor and two others carrying two large boxes from a private jet, like a musical device.

After checking into a hotel near Kansai Airport, the two men headed to Tokyo from Shin-Osaka Station, where they are believed to have joined former President Ghosn and Peter Taylor at a hotel in Tokyo after 3 p.m. on The 29th.

And while Peter Taylor was heading to China from Narita Airport, michael taylor and two other suspects went to Osaka with former President Ghosn and entered the hotel where he was checking in just after 8 p.m.

However, when he left the room about two hours later, before 10 p.m., there was no appearance of former President Ghosn, and shortly after 11 p.m., three suspects, Michael Taylor, were believed to have left Kansai Airport on a private jet to turkey.

His father, Michael Taylor, returned to the United States from Dubai in February, and his son, Peter Taylor, also returned to the United States from Dubai in March.

Chief Cabinet Secretary “Preparing to request extradition as soon as

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said at a press conference on The 21th afternoon that “with regard to extradition to Japan, we are preparing to promptly request the extradition of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office.”