If the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held next year, it is inevitable that the event will be cancelled.


Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, said in an interview with the BBC on public television in the UK that the spread of the new coronavirus will not converge and that if the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held next year, the games will not be cancelled.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed for a year and are scheduled to open on July 23 next year.

British public broadcaster S. Bach posted an exclusive interview with President Bach on the website on Sunday, in which Bach revealed that a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was told that the tokyo Olympics would be postponed to next year.

Bach said, “Frankly, I can understand that opinion. It is impossible to continue to hire 3,000 to 5,000 members of the convention organizing committee.”

He also expressed the recognition that the schedule of international sports competitions cannot be changed every year, and that athletes cannot be kept in a situation where they cannot see ahead of time, and that if the spread of the infection does not converge and the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held next year, it will be unavoidable.

He emphasized the idea of preparing for next year’s event, saying, “We need to prepare for various scenarios, such as measures to prevent infection at the convention, and we are considering all of them. We will make the right decisions if we have a clear view of what the world will look like on July 23 next year.”

Mr. Muto, General Secretary of the Convention Organization Committee, “I will refrain from commenting”

In response to an online interview with reporters, Mr. Muto, secretary-general of the Organizing Committee of the Organizing Committee, said, “I have not heard from him directly, so I would like to refrain from commenting on his remarks.”
When asked if there was a common perception between the organizing committee and the IOC that it would be cancelled if it could not be held next summer, he said, “I don’t understand that there is such a common understanding.”

He also said that the possibility of non-spectator implementation as a measure to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus was “at a time when there is still more than a year to the convention, and i think it is too early to discuss such a problem.”

Bach, on the other hand, said in an interview with the BBC that prime minister Shinzo Abe had told him that postponing the Tokyo Olympics to next year was the last option, denying that he had used the term last choice in a telephone call in March.

Governor Koike :”Do the best for the convention”

Governor Koike of Tokyo told reporters on Sunday night, “The 2020 Games are being held in 2021, and we are cooperating with the IOC for the postponement of the year. First of all, we are fighting against Corona, and now we are fighting in Japan, and we are competing with all over the world to develop vaccines.”

He added, “With all expectations, prime minister Abe is also saying that the tournament is a testimony to the new Coronavirus, so we will do our best to achieve it.”