Italy To phase out flights for Greece tourist season

Italy Greece to phase out flights for tourism season May 21 at 9:50

Europe has significantly restricted travel in the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus, but italy and Greece are looking to rebuild tourism during the summer tourism season, with Italy and Greece announcing plans to phase out flights from next month.
Greek Prime Minister Mitzotaks delivered a televised address on July 20, announcing that he would allow the resumption of direct flights between overseas and tourist destinations such as Crete from July 1, in line with the summer tourist season, as the spread of the new coronavirus is being curbed.

It also says it will allow tourist accommodation to be open from 15th next month before direct flights resume.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis called for a visit to Greece, saying that “we will take measures to prevent infection, but it will not damage greece’s shining sun and beautiful nature.”

Italy also announced its policy of reopening the airport, which has been closed for some time since mid-January, with Transport Minister Dimiqueli saying on Twitter that “all airports can be reopened from next month.”

Tourism, an important industry in Europe, is severely hit, and while many people are looking to rebuild to accommodate the summer holidays that many people go out to each year, the challenge is whether they can curb the so-called “second wave” of infection.