Koshien in the summer canceled professional baseball players yale to the ball child

Koshien canceled in summer Professional baseball players to the ball child Yale May 21 17:44

In response to the cancellation of the national high school baseball tournament in the summer for the first time since the war, Eito Asamura and Pitcher Hiroki Matsui of Professional Baseball, Rakuten, who played an active part in Koshien in high school, gave the baseball players an ale.
Of these, Asamura stepped on the soil of Koshien for the first time in the summer of the year of Osaka Toin High School, and also won the national championship by the activity of the batting average and the home run in the game.

Asamura said, “I practiced with a dead lying feeling last summer with the feeling of last summer, and i think i was able to come here as a professional because koshien was there, so I’m disappointed.”

On top of that, he told high school baseball players, “Life is not all about Koshien. I think it’s hard to switch, but I want you to create new goals and do your best.”

Pitcher Matsui participated in the tournament as an ace in the summer of the kirimitsu gakuen year in Kanagawa, and both marked the tournament record consecutive strikeout sand and the strike out of the game.

Pitcher Matsui said, “It’s not easy to put out words when you think you’re in the same position. Especially in the third grade, i think it’s a feeling that we can’t do because we’ve lost the place for the culmination.”

On top of that, he said, “I learned a lot of things through baseball and i think I was able to meet friends who i would be able to associate with throughout my life. I want you to spend the rest of your life working hard to prove that three years was not a mess.”

Orix Yoshida: “The years i’ve been doing will lead to my future life”

Masanao Yoshida of Professional Baseball Orix plays at Tsuruga Kehi High School in Fukui and participates in Koshien in the summer of Heisei.

Yoshida responded to the interview online and said of the decision to cancel the event, “To be honest, I can’t find a word. Kotoshi’s third year students were also canceled in the spring, and I think they are in a state where they are very frustrated and sad and can’t see the future.”

He also told the high school baseball players, “I think there are some players who finish playing baseball here, and i think there are some players who want to become professionals, but I think the three years I’ve been there will lead to my life in the future, so I want them to do their best in the next step.”

Fujikawa Hanshin “Strong bonds in the team to support each other”

Pitcher Fujikawa, a professional baseball player and Hanshin pitcher, competes in Koshien in the summer of heisei at Kochi Commercial.

In response to an online interview, Fujikawa said of the decision to cancel the event, “I think the players are devastated, but I think it’s important to get up in the midst of a tough situation. I think that some teams will have a stronger bond than when the tournament was held, so i think they will be able to do their best even if they go out into society in the future. I want you to remember the tough practice of the year and support each other and do their best.”