Man U announces profit profit in earnings report… Broadcast revenue slumped 51.7 percent due to league break

Manchester U reported earnings from January 1 to March 31, and announced a decline in profits. The British media, Sky Sports, reports.
 Manchester U said it was “subject to uncertainty and financial impact from the new coronavirus.” Broadcast revenue slumped 51.7 percent to 26 million pounds from 53.8 million pounds a year earlier, reporting losses. “This is mainly due to delays in the 2019-2 season and the rescheduling of broadcast schedules, an estimated £15 million rebate, non-participation in the Champions League (CL) and two fewer away games in the Premier League,” he said.
 Ed Woodward, chief executive of Manchester U, commented in a statement:
“We continue to focus on the health and well-being of our peers, fans and partners around the world and we are very proud of how the people involved in the club have responded during this crisis. Since the beginning of this pandemic, Manchester U and our fund have supported not only frontline workers and fans, but also local hospitals, charities and schools.”
“These actions reflect our core values as a club and the strength to overcome the difficult challenges we have proven many times throughout our long history. With that spirit, we aim to ensure that the team is safely back on the pitch and that we can build the exciting momentum that Ore (Gunna-Surshar) and his players have achieved so far, and take all the steps necessary to protect public health.”