Matt Berninger of The National releases his first solo album

Matt Berninger, the national frontman who won the 60th Grammy Awards for best alternative music album, released his solo debut album Serpentine Prison. In addition, a music video for the previous single “Serpentine Prison” was also released.

Produced by Booker T. Jones, the walkmen’s Matt Brick and Walter Martin, Andrew Bird, Scott Devendorf (The National), Gail Ann Dorothy (David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz), Ben Lentz and Kyle Kyle in Beirut It is joined by gorgeous artists such as Resnick, Brent Noppoff (El Vai, Menomena), Mickey Raphael (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson), Harrison Whitford (Phoebe Bridgers), Matt Sheehy (El Vai, Lost Lander) and Sean O’Brien.

The mv of the title track “Serpentine Prison” was directed by Matt’s younger brother, filmmakers Tom Berninger and Chris Sgroy, and was filmed at the Urster Creation Center, a studio in Venice, California.

Watch MV

Matt commented on the song:

This single was written in November 2018, a week after recording the national album I AM Easy to Find. For a long time, I’ve written songs that convey somebody’s thoughts and feelings in someone’s head for movies, theater and other projects. I like it too, but I was ready to delve into myself, and this song was the first song I could do. The title, “Serpentine Prison,” is taken from a curved water pipe that flows into the sea near Los Angeles International Airport. It’s fenced around the pipe so that people don’t get in. The song was recorded with Sean O’Brien and Harrison Whitford, and six months later Booker T. Jones produced it. This song felt like an epilogue, and i gave the same title to the album and made it the end of the song.
– Matt Berninger.

Her solo debut album, Serpentine Prison, will be released on October 2.


Matt Berninger
Serpentine Prison
Release Date: October 2, 2020 (Digital, Import CD & Analog)