Mr. Abe, Mr. Abe, resigned from The Mayor of Kurokawa, “I am responsible as prime minister”

Mr. Abe, Mr. Kurokawa, resigned, and “I am responsible as prime minister” May 21 at 19:28

In the submission of his resignation by Hiroyuki Kurokawa, director of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that while there were no flaws in the procedures for extending Mr. Kurokawa’s retirement age, he ultimately decided in the Cabinet that he was rightly responsible as prime minister.
Prime Minister Abe received a report on The Evening of 21 St. Mori that Mr. Kurokawa’s resignation had been accepted by The Minister of Justice, Mr. Mori, because the director of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Kurokawa, had been gambling while a state of emergency was declared.

After this, Prime Minister Abe, in response to an interview with reporters at the Prime Minister’s office, “The Minister of Justice, Mr. Mori, confirmed the facts from The Minister of Justice Kurokawa, and after strictly disposing of the matter, mr. Kurokawa submitted his resignation and reported that he understood. The Ministry of Justice has agreed to respond,” he said, and made it clear that he had agreed to resign from Kurokawa.

And, there was a request of the cabinet decision through a strict process from the Ministry of Justice about the extension of the retirement age of The Director of The Kurokawa in January, and it showed recognition that there was no defect in the procedure, and said, “It is naturally responsible as prime minister because it is decided by cabinet in the end. I would like to take the criticism seriously.”

On the other hand, with regard to a bill to gradually raise the retirement age of national civil servants, including prosecutors, he said, “We cannot move forward without the understanding of the people. The social situation is very severe, and I know that the LDP has opinions that the situation is different from the one when the bill was created. It is necessary to thoroughly consider this, including that.”

Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Masanori Kishida, “The resignation of the language is natural”

Mr. Kishida, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party,told reporters, “It is outrageous to consider our position, and it is natural that we have decided to resign.”

Mr. Saito, Secretary-General Of The Ministry of Public Justice, said, “Resignation is of course a very regrettable matter.”

Mr. Saito, secretary-general of the Komeito Party, told reporters, “It is natural that there should be no, and resignation. It is very regrettable and i am very sorry.”

Regarding the impact on diet deliberations, he said, “I have heard that Mr. Kurokawa’s extension of retirement age was proposed by the Prosecutor’s Office that it was necessary to carry out its duties. We should continue to discuss the new coronavirus, and i hope that the opposition will understand it.”