NEC Solution Innovators Provide Business Support Services through RPA and AI-OCR

On May 20, NEC Solution Innovators launched the NEC Business Process Innovation Support Solution service using RPA- robotic process automation and AI-OCR – optical character recognition using artificial intelligence technology.

In this service, the entire business process is grasped first by using the business process management tool. Next, it is said that it is applicable in the business which crosses the division which visualizes the progress of the business progress, the work stagnation, and the load situation by the business process management tool to define the person in charge, and to optimize the business process understood.

In this, the work and work of the form are labored out by rpa tool. The company designs, implements, operates, and selects tools for RPA. In addition, we are also involved in the selection and introduction of AI-OCR according to the type of paper form. In addition, we analyze the execution status of business processes and provide consulting services for further efficiency in matters such as work that tends to be uneven or delayed.

The price starts at 1.2 million yen per year for the work of visualizing the overall business process and confirming the progress of the business process, and from 8.15 million yen for all tool development, introduction, and operation support such as RPA and AI-OCR. In addition, system integration costs are also required. The consulting cost is an individual estimate.

The company expects to sell 100 companies over the next three years.

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