New coronavirus expands in Europe and the United States

Movement of resumption of activity in Europe and America Spreads New Coronavirus May 21 17:42

The CDC=The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has released guidelines for companies, schools and others to resume their activities. Meanwhile, in Europe, there has been a trend toward the resumption of economic activity, with Greece and Italy indicating a plan to phase out air flights after June.
The CDC published a 60-page, detailed guidelines on September 19.

In this, we should divide the stage to the resumption into three, and the state government and others should decide whether to move on to the next stage based on six indicators, such as a decrease in the number of people infected.

For example, restaurants and bars
In the first stage, the bar will continue to be closed, and the restaurant will be open for delivery and takeaway.
In the second stage, restaurants and bars can eat and drink in the store, but the number of people entering the store should be limited.
In the third stage, we say that we can increase the number of people to the extent that we can secure the distance between customers and customers.

However, in 50 states across the United States, economic activity has already resumed by limiting industries, and the media has criticized the CDC’s delay in responding.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Greece and Italy have made clear their plan to phase out flights from next month to ahead of the summer tourist season.

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis announced on July 20 that he would allow the resumption of direct flights between overseas and tourist destinations such as Crete, saying that the spread of the new coronavirus is being suppressed.

Italy’s transport minister, Dimiquelli, also announced on Sunday that it would reopen the closed airport.

In europe and the United States, there is a movement to resume economic activity while looking at the situation of domestic infections.