NTT Data Announces New Brand and New Services for Data Management

NTT Data has announced a service to support data maintenance and analysis and utilization operations that enhance data management and its new brand, Abler. It is available from May 20.

The brand’s concept, he says, is “to “save, look for, show” and “understand” the data. “Understand” explains that the technology that enables the interpretation of data comparable to that of humans will promote the active use of unstructured data such as natural text, SNS, and voice, such as negotiation si-historical data, which is difficult to process. The company announced that it aims to generate sales of 10 billion yen by the end of the year in the business of providing services.

The company will continue to integrate and continue to provide the following services under the new brand:

Intelligent Data Fusion— Provides a single view with the shaping you need from receiving and utilizing data. Integrated use of a variety of information that was not available in conventional information systems
Intelligent Analysis— Collaboration with analysis tools and speedy data utilization
Intelligent Search: A search similar to human information search is realized by a machine. Ultra-advanced search is possible by searching for values, attributes, and meaning when using data
Intelligent Know Your 3rd Party— Integrate a wide variety of data, visualize it from different perspectives, and give new awareness to your business activities

Brand Overview