Overseas Mobile Topics No. 193 5G Smartphone Choose with 8K Video, Galaxy S20 5G Pre-Investment To Make Memories

The Galaxy S20 5G and Galaxy S20+ 5G support 8K high-quality video recording. The 8K playenvironment is not yet in place, but in a few years 8K TV will be popular. If you leave the video in 8K from now on, you will be able to enjoy beautiful images a few years later and even after a few decades.

Galaxy S20 5G for 8K video recording

I live in Hong Kong, but I stayed in Japan from March to April and purchased the Galaxy S20 5G in Japan. One of the reasons for the purchase was the 8K video recording function. The file size of the video is considerably larger when it comes to 8K, but if you can take 8K with great pains, i tried to make all the videos 8K from now.

Before going out, I often went out at work, so I actually shot videos with 8K when I went back to work by car or when I ate. The file size became 134MB when I took the video of the night view for 14 seconds. After all, 8K becomes a considerable capacity. In this size, you can not easily share it with SNS. However, the Galaxy S20 5G can be edited immediately when playing video, and can be saved again by dropping the image quality to QHD and Full HD with one touch. The size of this video was also made in full HD, and it became small to about 1/10. It seems to be able to record it in 8K for the future, and to reduce the size when sharing and to save separately without a problem.

8K videos can also be resized and resaved

Moreover, I want to upload it like 8K because I took it with great pains. Because YouTube supports 8K video, it might be good to upload the 8K video that I took aside the playback environment and saved. It seems to be able to upload without feeling too much stress in the destination if i use 5G line though the file size is large.

In Japan, 5G is still limited to a small number of locations, but in Hong Kong, 5G is available in a large area of downtown (for Hong Kong Carrier china mobile Hong Kong). Since the uphill comes out around 100Mbps, you will be able to up at a stretch on the spot that you also took a video of more than 100MB. By the way, the 5G plan in Hong Kong that I have joined is 100GB and is about 4,200 yen per month.

In hong kong, 5G climb speeds around 100Mbps

Now there is another advantage of 8K recording. It can capture 8K videos at the same resolution and make them photographic. Many people will still capture the screen while playing a video and share it with social media in a photo. However, only photos of the screen resolution level can be obtained in the screen capture. The Galaxy S20 5G captures 8K video as it is when you press the capture button while the video is playing.

Tap the red arrow button to capture in 8K

The 8K captured image size is 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. When you capture a screen, for example, if the screen resolution is FHD+, it will be 3,200 x 1,440 pixels, and the resolution will drop significantly. The difference in file size is 5MB for the former, and if the latter is about 2MB and about this difference, you will not be bothered when up in SNS.

Actually, 8K capture, compared to the screen capture, 8K capture seems to be reflected in the finer parts of the 8K capture although the difference as expected is not seen. Around here, there will be something that will be worrisome about the difference by the subject, and not be.

8K capture (left) and screen capture (right). Compare with lower resolution after synthesis

8K also eats machine power to play videos on the PC. Considering the current situation, where even 4K has finally become a major presence, it will be a few years before you can use 8K freely. But as I wrote at the beginning, when you look back on the videos of the past in the future, “I should have taken 8K” sure to think.

In fact, i was cleaning up my house recently when an old memory card came out and found an old photo and video from it more than ten years ago. There are many videos with low resolution, such as QVGA, and when shooting on a smartphone at the time, I thought, “I’ll keep the lowest image quality because memory is a waste.” However, it regrets that it only had to have taken it more beautifully because it is a valuable image when looking back now.

A memory of the old times that came out in the house cleaning. Many videos were also saved

Nowadays, i think that the time to watch the movie increases nowadays when the time at home is getting longer. When the 5G era comes, you will be able to watch videos without stress on your smartphone. More and more people are concerned about the camera function when choosing a smartphone, but it may be a good idea to pay attention to the video shooting function from now on. Smartphone manufacturers may also focus on video functions in the future in order to differentiate the camera functions.

Video function becomes the differentiation of the next smartphone