President Trump’s G7 Summit Meeting to be held next month

President Trump’s G7 Summit May 21, May 21, 12:32 p.m.

U.S. President Trump has made it clear that he is considering inviting world leaders to host the G7 summit near the capital, Washington, next month, as originally planned.
In response to the global spread of the new coronavirus, the Trump administration decided not to invite world leaders to hold a meeting at the G7 summit scheduled for next month at Camp David, a presidential-only mountain house in Maryland near Washington, and held a televised meeting in March and April, respectively.

President Trump said on Twitter on March 20, “As the United States is getting back to normal, we are considering holding the G7 on or near the original schedule. Each member state is reviving and will be a major symbol of normalization,” he said, revealing that he is considering inviting world leaders to host camp David.

President Trump, who wants to rush to resume economic activity, seems to want to send out a positive message to the public about normalization by hosting large-scale international events at home.

President Trump has also indicated that he will permanently suspend funding if the World Health Organization is “closer to China” and that if there is no significant improvement in organizational reforms, he will have a similar idea and want to reach an agreement from the leaders of each country at the G7 summit.

Reaction of the countries concerned

A senior official in france’s presidential office said on Sunday that President Macron would be happy to attend if the situation permits, and expressed a positive attitude toward attending, although he said it was necessary to assess the situation of the new coronavirus.

According to the AFP news agency, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a press conference that “no matter how the G7 meeting is held, I will continue to fight for international cooperation.” He then stated that he would “assess the situation” and expressed his desire to keep an eye on the future situation.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said at a press conference in the capital Ottawa that the leaders needed to continue the talks, whether it was a televised or regular meeting, and that “the host country, the United States, will listen to experts’ advice on what security measures it will take and whether it will work.” He expressed his desire to make decisions based on the american side’s explanations and expert opinions.

As a new coronavirus, Canada is extending measures to close its border with the United States until 21 next month.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan “Attendance is under consideration”

At a press conference on The Morning of The 21st, Kan said, “It is probably a statement of the president’s desire to normalize the global economy as soon as possible. Japan and the United States are always in close contact. I am aware that the Us has been contacted in this matter, but I will withhold an answer for the details. Prime Minister Abe’s g7 summit is under consideration, but the United States, the chair, is still considering specific dates and formats.”