Sapporo Long-established hotel to go out of business Corona Virus withno prospect of recovery in sales

Sapporo Long-established hotel to go out of business Corona Virus May 21 23:20

As the government’s declaration of emergency continues in Hokkaido, a long-established hotel in Sapporo city has decided to close, saying that the new coronavirus has left the prospect of recovering sales.
Sapporo Daiichi Hotel, located near the Susukino district in downtown Sapporo, will close next month and go out of business.

This hotel has a medium-sized facility of about 70 rooms, but it is a long-established hotel in Sapporo city, which opened in Showa 27.

However, due to the effects of the new coronavirus, sales were down from about the same period last year.

The company is expected to continue to operate as it is, and the company has decided to close the company by the time it can secure funds for the retirement allowance of approximately 100 employees.

According to the council, which is a member of the main hotels in Sapporo, this is the first time that a member hotel has gone out of business.

Yoshiaki Yonezawa, president of Sapporo Daiichi Hotel, said, “If we continue to manage any more, we will cause a great deal of inconvenience to our employees and business partners, so we decided to go out of business. In the remaining months, I would like to express my gratitude to my customers and business partners for the years and apologize for closing them.”

Declaration continues from restaurants in Sapporo voice singing for plight

In response to the continued declaration of emergency in Hokkaido, restaurants in Sapporo city have been clamoring for their plight.

Of these, “Sei”,Qianyi”,”,” located in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, strengthens measures to prevent infection, such as reducing the number of seats and securing distance between customers, and continues to operate only during the day, but since April, sales have decreased by more than a quarter compared to last year’s period.

As for the continued declaration of a government emergency in Hokkaido, Takeyuki Yamaguchi, deputy manager of the store, said, “I can understand that the declaration was continued because it did not meet the standards for lifting, but from the sense of the site, it seems to be really severe and strangled with cotton.”

On top of that, “We want the store to cancel the emergency declaration as soon as possible and return it to normal business. I’m afraid that this will cause more economic damage than direct damage caused by the virus.”

Hakodate Hotel closed and cleaning company is also strictly managed

As the state of emergency continues in Hokkaido, hotel closures have been closed in Hakodate city, and cleaning companies of business partners are under strict management.

The cleaning company, which has a factory in Hakodate, orders from hotels in the city and cleans sheets, pillowcases and towels.

In response to the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen and strong inbound demand, we spent approximately 100 million yen in June last year to invest in the plant on a large scale.

However, due to the new coronavirus, nine of our 14 hotels have been closed, forcing them to reduce the operation of their factories once every four days.

“The situation where tourists do not come because of the declaration of an emergency has been prolonged. It’s a very tough situation because many hotels are forced to close and related industries are having a serious impact.”