South Korea nightclub population infects more than 200 Corona Virus

South Korea Nightclub Outbreak More Than 200 Corona Virus May 21 18:02

More than 200 people have been confirmed to have been infected by a group infection in a South Korean nightclub. In Korea, high school students have been attending school since The Sun, but some schools have been canceled because of the infection of their students, and the impact has continued.
The South Korean government announced on Sunday that the number of people who had been infected so far had been confirmed to be infected by a group of people infected earlier this month at a nightclub in the downtown area of Seoul.

Of these, 95 people actually visited nightclubs, 111 of whom were infected, and the infection spread.

Incheon, near Seoul, the incheon city of Incheon ordered the cancellation of the business of the facility on Sunday because the infection was widespread from the lecturer of the cram school which visited the nightclub, and the infection of the high school student who visited a small karaoke facility was confirmed.

In Korea, third-year high school students have been attending school since the 20th, but in Incheon, more than 60 high schools canceled their school sit-ins on the 21st.

In addition, the infection of the first grade pupil of the high school was confirmed newly in the southern, Anddu, and the influence continues in the high school where this student goes to school by rushing home.