Sports Agency “No need for masks in physical education classes”

“No need for masks in physical education class” sports agency May 21 14:59

Regarding children’s masks at school, the Sports Agency contacted the prefectural board of education to prevent infectious diseases by not wearing masks in physical education classes to avoid risks such as heat stroke, and to prevent infectious diseases by keeping children away from each other.

As the movement for the resumption of elementary schools and junior high schools spread, in China, there were a series of accidents in which junior high school students who were taking physical education classes wearing masks died suddenly, and some students wore high-performance medical masks.

In response to this situation, the Sports Agency made administrative communication to the board of education in each prefecture, saying that schools basically wear masks to prevent infectious diseases, and that they do not need to wear masks to avoid the risk of not being able to breathe enough or heat stroke for physical education classes.

In this case, physical education is required to be done outdoors as much as possible, to ensure a distance between children and teachers at least two meters, and to teach children not to have unnecessary conversations in addition to taking longer distances if they face the same direction, such as running.

In addition, children who wish to wear masks should be allowed to wear household son-in-the-head masks rather than medical masks, and to refrain from exercising to make breathing more intense.