Sports lottery revenue spurred Corona Virus impact to amend sports industry support law

Sports lottery revenue spurred by Corona Virus impact sports community support law revision May 21 at 14:44

The bipartisan Congressional Federation has put together a bill that would include some of the revenue from the Sports Promotion Lottery to support the sports world affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, as well as to add basketball to the lottery.’
The bipartisan Congressional Federation, which works to promote sports, held a meeting on Sunday to put together amendments to the Sports Promotion Lottery Act, including the soccer lottery.

Accordingly, the sports community has also been greatly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, and it is said that a portion of the lottery’s revenue will be used to support it.

In addition, basketball is added to the target game of the lottery.

The Parliamentary Federation will finish the proceedings of each party by the end of next week and submit it to the current Diet and aim to establish it.