Spreading effects on cancer patients Delayed treatment and testing New coronal infection spread

Spreading effects on cancer patients Postponed treatment and testing Corona Virus infection spread May 21 at 4:38

In a survey of women’s cancer patients, 25 percent said they were affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, which caused treatment and testing to be postponed, and the effects of cancer treatment were also widespread.
The survey was conducted over the Internet for a week from last month by the management group of peering, an exchange site for female cancer patients such as breast and ovarian cancer, and more than 1,000 people responded.

When asked about the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus on cancer treatment, 272 people said they were “heavily affected” (61/5.5%) and “slightly affected” (211/19.2%).
(385 people/ 35% with no impact, 275 people with no impact at all/ 25%)

When the content of the influence was asked by multiple answers to these people, the number of people who answered, “Voluntarily postponed the hospital schedule because of uneasiness of the infection”, and the person who answered , “Delay of treatment” was “Delay of the examination” and “Delay of the examination” etc. and there was a person who answered, “Delay of the operation”.

In addition, 97% of 1,070 people said they felt uneasy about their physical condition since last month, with 32 to 355 people saying they felt depressed and unable to sleep because of anxiety.
(Not particularly changed, 32, 349 people, 22% of the body, 238 people)

Dr. Hitomi Suzuki of Ichinomiyanishi Hospital in Aichi Prefecture, where mammary surgery specializes in research, said, “It is important that staff, mainly physicians, should try to care for the patient’s mind, and that patients should not have anxiety alone and have a place to talk about their treatment and anxiety.”