Summer Koshien canceled professional baseball scout “difficult to evaluate players”

Summer Koshien Canceled Professional Baseball Scout “Difficult to Evaluate Players” May 21 17:36

On the day after the decision to cancel national high school baseball in the summer, scouts of professional baseball and orix were concerned about the impact on the fall draft meeting, saying, “It is very difficult to evaluate players without watching a game.”
Katsugo Makida, deputy director of the Organization Department, who has been a scout at Orix for a year, responded to a telephone interview on Sunday about the impact of the cancellation of Koshien in the summer.

“The summer tournament has been a great opportunity to see the growth of players from spring to summer, and it has become a great evaluation material. However, it is very difficult to evaluate the players because we can’t see the game.”

As for the future response, he said, “We need to discuss how to see players who want to become professionals. Some municipalities have not yet been declared a state of emergency, so i would like to evaluate them by inspecting them mainly for practice after they have been released.”