Theater Complex, “Hipste”, “A3!”. original plan first announcement

The first project of the stage platform “Theater Complex” project was revealed on The 21st.

“Theater Complex”

The project was launched by theater producer Makoto Matsuda, who was launched by theatrical producer Makoto Matsuda with the words “Save the Stage” in order to give hope to the stage industry, which has been severely damaged by the effects of the new coronavirus infection. Crowdfunding, which began at 19 pm on May 1, has reached 92,926,500 yen (8,997) as of May 21 at 19:00.

Currently, we have been doing 38 consecutive talk live performances, but as the first part of the original project, “Hypnosis Mike -Division Rap Battle-” Rule the Stage, MANKAI STAGE “A3!”. It is said that the plan only of the theater complex is underway.

In addition, “Raw Commentary”, “Theatrical Draft Conference”, “Shunsuke Wada’s Music Room”, “Nakanoy’s Hot Blood Theater School!” The title of the future project was also announced.

“Theater Complex” Support Talk LIVE Future Guests

May 22 (Fri) 19 o’clock Hiroki Tamaki
May 23 (Sat) 19 o’clock Ikuzaburo Yamazaki
May 24 (Sun) 19 o’clock Keigo Hagiya (7ORDER)
May 25 (Mon) 19 o’clock Tomoto Yashima
May 26 (Tue) 19 o’clock Furuya Usamaru
May 27 (Wed.) 19 p.m. spi
May 28 (Thu) 19: Koichi Yamadera
May 29 (Fri) 19 o’clock Kenjiro Tsuda
May 30 (Sat) 19 o’clock Ryo Kitazono

“Theater Complex” Support Talk LIVE Past Guests

May 1 (Fri) 18 o’clock Ryuji Sato
May 2 (Sat) 18 o’clock Yoshihiko Aramaki
May 3 (Sun) 18 o’clock Kazuki Kato
May 4 (Mon) 18 o’clock
May 5 (Tue) 18 o’clock Hiroki Miura
May 6 (Wed) 18 o’clock Kenichi Tachibana
May 7 (Thu) 18 o’clock Ueki Go
May 8 (Fri) 18: Masanari Wada
May 9 (Sat) 18 o’clock Matsuzaki Fumiya
May 10 (Sun) 18 o’clock Rei Fujita
May 11 (Mon) 18: Hirofumi Araki
May 12 (Tue) 18 o’clock
May 13 (Wed) 18 o’clock: Yuyuki Kubota
May 14 (Thu) 18 o’clock Shunsuke Wada
May 15 (Fri) 18 o’clock Kotaro Arisawa
May 16 (Sat) 18 o’clock Ryo Kato
May 17 (Sun) 18 o’clock Kenta Mizue
May 18 (Mon) 18 o’clock Toshiyuki Someya
May 19 (Tue) 18 o’clock Tadaji Mikasano
May 20 (Wed) 18 o’clock Tsubasa Sakiyama
May 21 (Thu) 19 o’clock Tetsuhiro Ikeda