Two arrested for involvement in ghosn defendant’s escape, extradition to Japan judicial proceedings

Two arrested for involvement in the escape of Ghosn may 21 may be extradited to Japan at 13:23

A judicial process has been conducted in the United States to determine whether two Americans arrested for helping to escape the escape of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., have fled to Lebanon.
U.S. investigators arrested Michael Taylor, an American who has been arrested by the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office, and his son, Peter Taylor, on Sunday in eastern Massachusetts at the request of the Japanese side.

The two men are suspected of helping Carlos Ghosn escape to Lebanon on bail last December using a private jet from Japan.

Japan and the United States have signed a treaty on the extradition of suspects, and on March 20, a court in eastern Massachusetts conducted a video-style judicial process to determine whether the two men should be extradited to Japan.

Two suspects were also present in the judicial process, but there was no comment on the case.

In this, judicial officials said they expected that there would be a formal extradition process from the Japanese side in the future.

According to the judge of the court, there are two stages in the decision to hand over the case, and if the court’s hearing determines that it is possible to hand over, the State Department will ultimately decide whether to hand over the case.

Tokyo District Attorney ‘prepares extradition request’

Takahiro Saito, deputy chief prosecutor of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office, said, “We are aware that two people have been detained in the United States on the 20th of this month local time. We are currently preparing to promptly request extradition at the Agency.”