Windows Terminal 1.0 released — future update plans revealed

Microsoft released its version 1.0 on May 19, about a year after it began developing the open source terminal application Windows Terminal.

The company, which announced Windows Terminal at Build 2019, announced the release of Windows Terminal 1.0 in Build 2020, which is being held as an online event. This application is for developers who use command prompts, PowerShell, Azure Cloud Shell, and various distributions for Windows Subsystem for Linux, such as Ubuntu.

The company provided its official documentation with the release of version 1.0. Windows Terminal features the ability to run a variety of command-line applications from multiple tabs and panes at the same time.

In addition, GPU acceleration speeds up text drawing, and unicode and UTF-8 are supported, so emoticons can be drawn.

The company has added features that allow users to customize Windows Terminal to their favorite look and feel. Examples include backgrounds with acrylic effects, different color schemes, custom fonts, and custom key bindings.

The company will be implementing monthly updates to Windows Terminal from July. It also launches a Preview channel for Windows Terminal for developers to test the latest features. This preview will be updated monthly from June.

Kayla Cinnamon, program manager for Windows Terminal, Console, Command Line and Cascadia Code, said in a statement, “This channel is for those who want to be involved in the Windows Terminal development process and who want to use the latest features that have been developed immediately.”

Windows Terminal release 1.0 includes two packages: WindowsTerminal, a stable build, and WindowsTerminalPreview, a preview build. Incidentally, the preview version and the stable version can also be installed in the same environment.

The company has been releasing new features frequently for developers using WSL on Windows 10 PCs. Recently, linux files on Windows 10 have been integrated to make it easy to access from File Explorer.

Microsoft also announced at the Build conference that Linux guests on Windows will be able to take advantage of gpu hardware acceleration capabilities and linux GUI applications will be able to run on WSL.

The company also tries to make it easier to install WSL from Windows Terminal by simply running the command “wsl.exe –install” on the Windows Terminal command line. This automatically downloads and installs certain WSL Linux distributions during restart. Users of The Fast Ring in the Windows Insider program in Windows 10 will be able to use the feature in the coming months, he said.

Windows Terminal 1.0 can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and GitHub release pages.