3. “Dense Nashran” certified Yamagata Ueyama if secret measures are taken

3. “Dense Nashran” Certified Yamagata Kamiyama May 22 at 12:59

Ahead of the cherry-picking season, which begins in earnest next month, the tourism industry in Kamiyama City, Yamagata Prefecture, has launched a system to certify facilities that thoroughly prevent infection of the new coronavirus.
The council, which is made up of cherry tourism orchards in Kamiyama City, has established a new certification system to distribute stickers to facilities that have thoroughmeasures in accordance with their own guidelines, in an effort to promote the effort to prevent new viruses.

The guidelines include:
Put the disinfectant at the entrance,
To install a panel to prevent a flying infection,
It is shown that the seat which urges the guest to queue up at intervals is put at the foot.

On the 22nd of the first day, the person in charge of the tourist goods association of the city distributed the sticker to the sightseeing orchard, the souvenir shop, and the shop together, and the people of the shop immediately put out the sticker received to the shop.

The stickers are named “Secret Nashran” in france,which ranks restaurants and other places, and are marked with “cherry blossoms,” “scarecrows” and “hot springs”, referring to special products and local scarecrow festivals, and are labeled as “anti-poaching stores.”

Toshihiro Takahashi, managing director of the tourist orchard that received the stickers, said, “I want customers to come with peace of mind because they can see the stickers at a glance and see that the store is taking action.”