“3 Dense” Shelter Operation Confirmed for heavy rain Saga Ogi

“3 Dense” Shelter Operation Check For Heavy Rain Saga Ogi May 22 23:29

Work was held at a community center in Ogi City, Saga Prefecture to see how to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus at a shelter opened during heavy rains.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the government is calling for shelters such as heavy rains to take four square meters of the area per person to avoid densely populated areas, and to consider shelters that can be used in addition to the places designated as shelters.

In response to this, Ogi City participated in the disaster prevention measures section and the shelter management division, etc. to examine how to operate the shelter at Ushizu Community Center.

The community center was evacuated by up to a few people during last year’s heavy rains in Saga, but when officials taped the floor to secure evacuation spaces and passages, the number of people who could be accommodated would be about one-fourth, and it was confirmed that more shelters needed to be opened at a faster time than before.

The city of Ogi wants to decide on a policy for the operation of the shelter by the beginning of next month.

Munenori Kawaharada, chief of the Disaster Prevention Measures Division in Ogi City, said, “People will be concentrated in evacuation shelters, so i would like citizens to check the hazard map again and consider a vertical evacuation to their homes and to homes of relatives and acquaintances.”