7ORDER, treasured photos published in live distribution of the first anniversary of the formation “Tears Not Stopped” echoed in the new song MV

Creative Team 7ORDER Kentaro Yasui, Yuma Sanada, Shoki Morohoshi, Miyuto Morita, Keigo Hagiya, Abe Abe, Anda Nagama, 22, live broadcast of the first anniversary of the formation.

From the left of the top stage, Yuma Sasada, Miyuto Morita, Keigo Hagiya. From the middle left, Abe Akiarashi and Shouki Morohoshi. From the bottom left, Kentaro Yasui, Reo Nagatsuma

In the midst of the Corona disaster, all seven members appeared remotely using the online app Zoom, looking back on the past year from the beginning. The members chose the photographs of the past year, and the photographs at the time of the formation, the back side of events such as Kobe, Toyosu, Shanghai and Oita, and the 1st single packing work that they had done for fans, were released.

In the corner to answer questions from fans, you can start your original project in earnest on YouTube and ask, “Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?” As for the question, “I’ll let you all eat delicious food in collaboration with KikukuKu Cook” A love call with “Enagatsuma”, “Fischer’s”, “Mr. Fischer’s”, and “Yasui”. Morita said, “A-chan-chan of Oriental Radio, Atsushi Nakata. I hope you could explain 7ORDER to the class.”

Also, “Members who are not doing SOCIAL NETWORKS, do you have any plans to do?” When asked, Yasui said, “I’ll do it. It’s the first anniversary today. Insta” and promised to open an Instagram account on the spot. Members also said, “Everyone, please follow me!” And cover ed.

In addition, apollo yamazaki who appeared as a guest also has a corner where the fortune of the second year from the hand phase and the date of birth of the member is told. At the end, the 2nd single “GIRL” MV was released for the first time, and the animation using illustrations drawn by the eldest wife of the members was “I can’t stop crying,” “very good songs,” and “I watch it many times!” And comments were gathered.

At 0 am, the first anniversary, the group became a hot topic, with a hashtag of celebration by fans trending on Twitter. “GIRL” cd with photo book is limited sale in 7ORDER Officila Store, digital distribution of only music has been started at each distribution site from 0 o’clock on the 23rd, it has become attention to the activity of the second year.