A concert only for a family member by sightseeing bus Gifu Takayama

Solo concert with a family member on a sightseeing bus Gifu Takayama May 22 23:50

A bus company in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, held a concert on a tourist bus that was canceled due to the new Coronavirus, and only a group of families who tended to stay at home because of self-imposed control or school closures.
This concert was started with the aim of the “Nagano Sightseeing” in Nagano-cho, Takayama City, due to the new Coronavirus, and the purpose of the tour was canceled to make effective use of the tourist bus and the support of local musicians who were unable to hold concerts.

The bus used is a large 45-seater bus, and the audience for a single concert is limited to a family pair, so that it does not become a dense space, such as taking a distance of more than two meters from the singer.

The audience’s family took their temperature and disinfected their hands before getting on the bus and enjoying the song by Singer-songwriter Osamu Sugiyama from Takayama City, who works in nursery schools and kindergartens.

The mother who enjoyed the concert said, “I was happy to see the children’s smiles after a long time.”

Mr. Sugiyama said, “It was a homey concert that i could do only at such a time.”

The concert of the sightseeing bus will be held on the 20th and 21st of next month.