About three-thirds of women working with the Corona Virus are interested in side jobs – a popular side line

On May 21, Trenders announced the results of a survey of women working with awareness of changes in the way they work as the new coronavirus infection spread. The survey period was may 7-8, 2020, and the survey was conducted by women in their 20s and 50s of full-time or contract employees, technical, clerical and planning, service and sales, and professionals, with 500 valid responses.
Interest in side jobs and double jobs?

Interest in “side line” with the spread of new coronavirus infection

When asked about the status of remote work and telecommuting, they found that although the frequency of remote work and telecommuting was different, the implementation rate was only about half of the total, and it fell short of the government target. By job type, the rate of “sales positions” is the highest, with 73%. On the other hand, “service and sales positions” were 28, and “professions” with a large number of medical and welfare professionals were 21.

When asked about the changes after the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the percentage of respondents who said that they had reduced overtime hours was 44. In addition, 35 percent said they expected their income to decrease or decrease.

The number of people who became interested in “side jobs” as a starting up to the spread of infection is close to that of the people. The types of side jobs i would like to try are the first place “product monitor survey monitor” 59″, the second place “use of the point sweepstakes site”, and the one that it is easy to do while at home was the top. On the other hand, side jobs, such as “handmade works sales” (25%) and “web writer data entry” (20%), tended to be slightly lower in the side line that led to the improvement of hobbies and business skills.

There were people who became interested in “double business”, and there was a person who cited “Element which was able to improve the skill” as requested for the double business, and the technology employment and the information and communication industry were enumerated, too. It is said that the image of “Employment in the hand” is strong in the side line and the double work, and the expectation was received from the person who was interested, “It seems to be able to continue even after the corona evil”.