“Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pine” in collaboration with Pokemon is released.

Akagi Milk Co., Ltd. will launch “Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pine” on June 1, and will be released nationwide for 350 yen with tax on six bottles.

“Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pine” (350 yen excluding tax with 6 pieces)

This product is an ice candy with a pine-flavored ice candy and juicy pine-flavored shaved ice with a crunchy texture. The golden pine juice was used to taste a full-fledged fruit juice feeling. By finer the grains of ice than the traditional Garigari-kun, you can enjoy a crisp texture like frozen pine.

This product is also a collaboration product of The Pokémon movie with Mr. Garigari to match the “movie version Pocket Monster Coco” which is scheduled to be released soon. When you eat ice candy and hit, you will also be able to get a collaboration card from Garigari-kun x Pokemon Card Game. The “collaboration card” of the hit giveaway will be announced on the company’s official Twitter on July 10.

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