Alcohol disinfection in all foods? Tips for preventing infections that you really need

◆Consumer buying behavior changing with Corona Virus virus
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it seems that the behavior such as wearing gloves when shopping for supermarkets overseas, and not using eco-bags is taking hold. In japanese supermarkets, there are considerable changes on the side of the shop, such as side dishes are displayed in a packed state, and the cashier is also wearing vinyl gloves.

And some consumers seem to be restless if not only the device of the method of buying but also wiped with the disinfectant sheet before saving all the food which has been bought.

All of these hygiene controls are a way to prevent infection, but how effective are these hygiene controls in preventing viral infections from food, and how thorough should they be? I will explain as a registered dietitian.

The possibility that the virus is attached to the food is not zero, but……
Is there a risk of contracting viruses from supermarket foods? Viruses invade the cells of living organisms. Many people visit supermarkets, so there is no possibility that the virus is attached to the outside of food packaging or the skin of unbagged vegetables.

However, it is the same as “hand washing”, and a dangerous amount of the virus can be washed away by washing it well. Moreover, if it is food to eat by heat treatment, i think that it is not necessary to become too nervous too much because it is not likely to become infected by the mouth as it is even if the virus is attached.

Personally, infection prevention is very important, but I feel a little scary considering the after corona to take excessively nervous measures. There are various things in viruses and bacteria, for example, there are many “permanent bacteria” that exist normally in the place where humans are engaged in daily life and do not do bad things.

If only the new coronavirus exists on the earth, it is possible to protect the safety of the body by responding thoroughly nervously, but if it becomes too hygienic and resistance to the native bacteria is lost, there is a risk that it becomes more susceptible to other diseases.

(In the past, a bacterium called “MRSA”, which affects patients with a weakened immune system, has become a problem. Healthy people are bacteria that do not affect at all, so nursing workers are not mediated. Since then, hospitals have been thoroughly disinfecting their fingers with alcohol as the patients who are treated change. )

◆Measures to prevent infection sought when shopping at supermarkets
There is nothing special about preventing the infection of the Corona Virus. When shopping, it is basic to keep in mind that it is usually clean. Of course, it is also a good idea to refrain from standing in the standing area such as flying splashes in fresh food and side dishes, but also to thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect your hands before entering the store.

When choosing fresh food, it is also important to be careful not to touch anything you buy without touching anything sticky, it is also a point that i want you to be careful as a moral before corona. Conversely, I think you don’t have to be too nervous to be more special than these.

If you don’t get along well with the “bacteria in the last days”, you’ll be too vulnerable to another fungus in the after-corona, and you’ll be in trouble.

◆Disinfection of the ingredients you have bought is not necessary. Infection prevention method after returning home
As a prevention of infection, there seems to be a voice which worries whether it is dangerous if all the food bought is disinfected with alcohol, and it does not wash it enough with tap water. As a dietitian, I have taken firm measures to manage the hygiene of food on a daily basis, but I think that it is still too much too much, and i think that it is poison even if it is too much.

If your family is very at high risk, or if you have not been bought by an infected person before the onset, you may not have to do too much special things that you would normally do. Manage your hygiene as usual and cook in a clean condition.

If you have more time than usual in Corona, it is recommended that you clean the refrigerator shelf or door handle, not only corona prevention, but also clean it.

It is important not to be too nervous, and to enjoy shopping and eating.
The new coronavirus is mainly caused by splash infection and contact infection. Goods and foods themselves are usually not a major source of infection. “Splash infection” is transmitted by inhaling the spray scattered by cough or sneezing, so the risk of infection can be lowered if the spit of the cough and the sneeze does not fly. This is the reason for the distance of “two meters away”.

Anyway, when you go out, you have to leave each other.

Now, when I go out shopping, I feel like I’m playing tag. Everyone but me, everyone is a demon. And i am a demon for others. When the demon enters within 2m of me, I think that I have been caught (of course, I don’t think I’m going to catch him, so I’m careful not to get close to him without knowing it).

Hygiene management and food management at the time of purchase, while doing well within the range of common sense, let’s enjoy buying and eating not too much to wear out the nerves.

◇Chisato Hirai Profile
A registered dietitian who conducts metabolic research and teaches diets in accordance with evidence. Associate Professor, Department of Food and Nutrition, Odawara Junior College. Graduated from The Women’s Nutrition University (Doctoral Program). Taking advantage of his previous experience in the department of nutrition at a hospital and nutrition consultation, he is currently on the platform and communicating the basics of nutrition in accordance with his practice.

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