An important time for the Tokyo Olympics to be held

Important time for the Tokyo Olympics to be held at 19:08

Coates, chairman of the International Olympic Committee, expressed the view that the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed to next year due to the effects of the new coronavirus, will be an important time to decide whether the event can be held.
Mr. Coates, who oversees the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, attended a meeting held by an Australian media company on the Internet on Sunday and spoke about the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for a year due to the new coronavirus.

In this, Coates said, “We are facing a big problem. We can’t postpone it again, and we have to assume that there will be no vaccines, and that even if there is a situation around the world, it will not be enough to reach the world.”

He expressed the view that October would be an important time to determine whether the Tokyo Games could be held, saying that if there were signs of containment by October, we would begin to consider various scenarios for holding the games.

Mr Coates said that if the event was to be held, it would be necessary to consider a variety of issues, such as the isolation of athletes and athletes’ villages, and restrictions on spectators’ admission to the venue, which could be in a completely different form of the Olympics.