Anga Tanaka, “Why is that guy like that” in the popularity of the high school girl of Nonsta Inoue

Takushi Tanaka of the comedy duo Ungirls, the radio program “Appare do ma- ” which was broadcast on the 20th! He spoke about Yusuke Inoue of NON STYLE on MBS Radio every Monday and Thursday at 22:00-23:30.

Takushi Tanaka

ABEMA’s original love reality show “I fell in love today. Inoue serves as the host of].

When the listener told him that he had gained tremendous support from high school girls with his precise advice and advice to high school students who were in love with him, Tanaka said, “Why are you listening to him like that? It’s not going to be a bad thing, if you get his advice! and resentful.

However, Kendo Kobayashi said, “It’s stuck in the hearts of viewers. Your words are not stabbed in Inoue, but i laugh,” he said, and from Yuki Kashiwagi of AKB48, “I get something like inoue-san’s saying. It was talked, “Love is 00, and it is like Inoue”.

Kenkova said, “This is not a loss. Tanaka is also urged to say that love is 00, but Tanaka does not continue to say , saying that “Love is love”, and “It is regrettable” and screaming. “I’m still on a journey to find answers. I can’t do the MC of this program… He laughed and smiled bitterly.