Ann’s Return to Nainai Yabe, Wife Yuko Aoki Says ” I’ll Go To Bed”

Hiroyuki Yabe and Takashi Okamura of the comedy duo Ninety-Nine appeared live on “All Night Nippon of Ninety-Nine” every Thursday at midnight on 21 St. From last week’s broadcast, Yabe returned to the regular after five years and eight months, and the two of them started the show again, but on this day they started the show with a shout of “Pyeongkichi”.

Hiroyuki Yabe and Takashi Okamura of Ninety-Nine

Okamura said in “All Night Nippon by Takashi Okamura in Ninety-Nine”, which aired on April 23, that women who suffer from their income slower due to the influence of the new coronavirus may be involved in the sex industry in the short term after the end of the day, and criticisms such as “women’s contempt” and “sexual exploitation” continued. He apologized on the program on The 30th, and hiroyuki Yabe, a phase, also appeared and preached publicly. After that, Yabe appeared on the program continuously. He announced yabe’s regular return to Japan on The 14th, and he started again as an all-night Japanese of the NineTy-Nine.

On the starting point, the two resurrected the shouting of a single word at the opening. On this day, we started the program with Pyeongkichi.

Yabe said, “I’m sorry that you have also created a free talk zone for Yabe since it was resurrected. Please take care of me.” “I’ve been there for a year and a half, so my life has really changed. That’s because it’s going out. My private life has changed a lot and I went to a park in Tokyo,” he said of his life while away from ANN.

Yabe says he’s already sleeping at this time. A listener asked me, “Aren’t you sleepy? What did your wife say today?” When asked, “I usually sleep at this time. It drank for a moment from going out and it drank for a moment and it drank inadvertently a lot of times, and Yuko revealed the word of the free announcer And Aoki Yuko who was the wife, saying, “It is easy to sleep before it just comes out today”.

On the 14th broadcast, Yabe said of the emergency appearance on April 30, “In the evening, my daughter-in-law washes and says, “Why don’t you go there?” It is said. I thought it was cool. If it had not been for that word, I might have been lost. I don’t usually talk about work, so I was even more surprised. I thought it was just a while before i cared. And, it was said that it decided to perform by wife’s word, “It was thought, ‘Oh, it went’.