Antibody tests to be conducted for athletes to resume professional boxing

May 22, 19:13, to conduct antibody tests on athletes and others for the resumption of professional boxing

For domestic professional boxing, where all matches have been cancelled due to the new coronavirus, the JBC-Japan Boxing Commission and others have decided to conduct antibody tests to determine whether they have been infected with athletes and others who compete in the tournament in the hope of resuming in July.
Domestic professional boxing has been cancelled since February 28, but JBC and the Japan Professional Boxing Association are aiming to resume in July in a way that does not allow spectators to enter the game.

On The 22nd, JBC and the Association discussed measures to prevent infection of the new coronavirus.

As a result, we decided to conduct an antibody test to check whether the players and seconds and other parties who participated in the match had been infected with the new coronavirus.

The test is planned to be carried out twice in conjunction with the previous day of the match, and we are considering the response when it is positive under the guidance of several experts and making a manual.

In addition, for boxing gyms that are self-imposed, we plan to create a uniform guideline that shows measures to prevent infection in order to resume operations.

Tsuyoshi Yasukawa, Executive Director of The Head Office of The Company, said, “We want to do what we can to bring the risk of infection closer to zero.”